Can You Put an Avocado Pit in a Garbage Disposal

Avocado halves on a wooden table with and without the pits

People will always tryto make things easier for themselves in the kitchen. One of those options is to see what they can throw into their disposal without damaging it. The person who will see the results, other than the owner, is the plumber.

They have seen just about everything when it comes time for them to repair or replace the kitchen garbage disposal. To find out if it is safe to throw your avocado pit into your garbage disposal, just keep reading our article.

It will give you the right answer, loud and clear. The question is will you follow the answer or not.

Is it Safe to Put Avocado Pits into a Disposal?

Hands holding two halves of an avocado

There is only one answer to this problem– NO! Is it not safe to put avocado pits into a garbage disposal. It is said that if you cannot cut it with a knife, then it does not belong in the garbage disposal. That includes avocado pits. These pits are too hard to make it through the disposal without damaging it in some way.

There is a slight chance that someone accidentally dropped an avocado pit into the sink and it went into the disposal. In those situations, do not turn on the disposal. Make sure it remains off, even unplug it, before reaching into the appliance with your hand and retrieving the pit.

At no time should this pit reach the garbage disposal. It is doubtful that garbage disposal technology has advanced enough to make disposals that can handle pits.

Other Ways to Dispose of the Pit

Avovado pit with toothpicks in it and resting in the top of a glass, split open on top with roots coming from the bottom

If you live in a region that is accommodating to avocado tree growth, then you can plant one or two pits and start your mini orchard. Having avocado trees in the backyard can save you some money when the fruit’s prices get too high at the store.

The other way to get rid of these leftovers is to simply toss them into one of your trash cans and wait for the garbage men to come and pick up those pits. But at no time should you put the pits into your garbage disposal.

Some Final Words

An avocado sliced open on a green background

It may be tempting to toss those leftover avocado pits into your garbage disposal along with the rest of the uneaten food items. But resist that temptation. You are only asking for trouble if you do.

Just protect your disposal as it is very expensive to replace and toss those pits in the trash.

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