Can You Put Apple Cores in a Garbage Disposal

Apple core sitting on a wooden table with a dark background

Can You Put Apple Cores in a Garbage Disposal

Crate of apples sitting on a wooden table.

The biggest question to askis if the fruit item is fibrous or not. This is the most important question to ask yourself before you start cleaning plates into your disposal. For most garbage disposal options, this is the only question to ask.

The good news is that many modern garbage disposals now come with multi-grind technology. That capability means that even fibrous fruits can be tossed into the disposal and get chewed up.

For apples, it will depend on if you are throwing the apple or the core into the disposal. To find out the answer to this question, simply continue reading our article. It provides the answer for you very quickly.

Apples or Apple Cores

Apple core on a blue background.

When it comes to fruits there is always the added element of pits, nuts, or cores to deal with. Fruit is not as simple as vegetables when it comes to disposing of them because of those extra elements.

It is said that apple cores are too tough for most garbage disposal models. They may be tougher than you realize as some industrial-strength disposals also find apple cores to be a challenge.

However, if you buy an upgraded model that has that multi-grind technology inside, it may be possible to use your disposal to get rid of those apple cores. Check the instructions to make sure though.

Garbage disposal blades are not always the sharpest or toughest part of the appliance. On the other hand, the meat of the apple is okay to throw in the disposal. No matter the power or technology involved, the disposal should get rid of the apple with ease.

The key to disposing of either part of the apple is to make sure you take the stickers off the fruit. Those stickers can attach themselves to some part of your garbage disposal and begin the trouble-creating process.

To Properly Get Rid of Those Unwanted Apple Cores

Pile of food peelings and cores isolated on a white background.

There are two alternatives to disposing of these pesky apple cores. Other than using your disposal, you can throw them out into the trash and wait for the weekly garbage pick up. Or you can use your compost pile to let them disappear slowly.

Either way, you choose to use, those apple cores will be gone quickly and be out of sight before you know it.

Some Final Words

7 apples on a wood table.

It is up to your judgment and the power of your disposal if you will use that appliance to get rid of those apple cores. Generally, it is better to use the alternatives to make sure you do not cause any damage to your garbage disposal.

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