Can You Put Peach Pits in a Garbage Disposal

A peach cut in half with the pit exposed next to a whole peach on a wooden table

Peaches are a tasty fruit and have a great flavor and they can spice up any dessert you bake. Or you can add a little spice to your vanilla ice cream by adding cut peaches to them. There are a lot of ways to use peaches and enjoy their great taste.

But the question is, what to do with those leftover peach pits? The garbage disposal is handy but is it safe to toss those peach pits down the drain? To find the answer to this question and get more information, just continue to read our article.

Is it Safe to Put Peach Pits in Your Disposal?

Peaches in a strainer with water running over them in a round white sink

It is a natural thought to think that garbage disposal blades are extremely strong and can cut up just about anything. However, those blades are not as sharp as a saw blade or a knife’s edge. They have blunt edges and do not use cutting as their main method of chopping up food.

What this means is that you cannot put peach pits into your garbage disposal. While the blades are strong, the peach pit is stronger. In its current design, those disposal blades cannot crush the pit.

In the end, if you do toss peach pits into your disposal, you will be shopping for a repairman or new disposal. Even the more powerful models may not be strong enough to handle these rock-hard pits.

How to Get Rid of Peach Pits

Compost bin

You can try putting them into your compost pile but in a few weeks, you may be in for a surprise. Those peach pits may sprout and start taking root. They won’t rot away very quickly.

Or you can use that planting idea and plant the different pits and start your own little orchard. Having a free supply of peaches is always a nice idea if you have room on your property for some peach trees.

If those two ideas do not appeal to you, then you are left with throwing them away. That is quick, easy, and simple to get done.

Some Final Words

Fresh peaches in a crate with a peach on top cut in half with the put showing

Protect your garbage disposal as it can be expensive to replace when it breaks beyond repair. Learn to separate your food items into what can and cannot be thrown into your disposal. Then dispense of those two piles in the right way.

Your bank account will thank you for doing that extra work.

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