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Can You Put Banana Peels in a Garbage Disposal

Banana peel on a black dinner plate

It may be healthy, and the food items look like they can be dispensed of by being sent through the disposal but that is not always a good idea. The garbage disposal is designed to handle certain food items only.

They are not designed to handle all of the food items you have leftover in your kitchen or on your dining room table. To find out whether banana peels can or cannot go down the disposal, just keep reading our article.

It has the information you want to know about before you ruin your disposal accidentally.

Can You Put Banana Peels in a Garbage Disposal

Cucumber peels being washed down a garbage disposal

Bananas make for a great snack. They are quick to prepare, nutritious, and easy to eat. However, once you have eaten this snack food, you have to deal with the banana peels. These peels are very fibrous and putting them into your disposal will cause a big strain on the appliance’s operating system.

There are two main issues that arise when you put the banana peels into your garbage disposal. The first one is that the fiber aspect of the peels is hard for the disposal to break down. That means that those fibers may remain in the disposal by wrapping themselves around the bladed.

Then second, since these peels do not break down very well, they can clog up the disposal or your drain. When that happens, you will need to take time to clean out both items carefully. There are better ways to dispose of those peels that won’t cost you any money to use.

How to Dispose of Banana Peels

1. Compost Them – These peels have nitrogen in them which can be mixed with other food items and create very healthy soil for your garden.

Vegetable scraps being scraped into a compost bucket

2. Feed the Animals – While not the ideal animal food, there are some animals that do like to eat banana peels. Just grind them up so they are easier to chew and place them in a safe location for the animals to devour.

Close up of a baby pig sniffing the camera

3. Protect Your Plants – Banana peels in the potted soil help keep aphids away. Just cut the peels into small pieces and place them under the soil of your potted plants. The nitrogen inside will feed the plant at the same time.

Microgreens planted in a clear plastic bowl with eggshells and banana peels on top of the dirt

4. Tenderizer – This may not directly dispose of the banana peel, but it will help tenderize tough cuts of meat and keep them from drying out.

5. Throw Them in the Trash – The go-to method of disposing of banana peels. It is easy, quick

and they disappear at the next trash pickup. Protect your disposal by using one of these methods instead.

Hand holding a banana peel over a trash bin

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