Can You Put Cherry Pits in a Garbage Disposal

a bowl of cherries sitting on a wooden surface with cherry pits laying on a wooden surface

You Can Try but it Won’t Work

Many people think that their garbage disposal is a superhero. There is nothing that can stop it from chewing up what is put into its chute. This concept is as much fantasy as a superhero is.

Garbage disposals are like regular human beings. They are mortal and have vulnerabilities as Superman does. Garbage disposals are vulnerable to Kryptonite as well. But what about Cherry pits?

To find the answer to this and the topic question, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about to help you keep your garbage disposal in top working order.

What are Cherry Pits

pile of cherry pits with one single red cherry sitting on top

People have compared cherry pits to both stones and wood. They are that hard and when your teeth bite down on a cherry pit, you will understand why others make that comparison.

Your teeth cannot chew through a cherry pit and common sense tells you not to even try. That is unless you really want an expensive dental bill on your hands. We know that you would not throw a stone or a piece of wood into your disposal.

If you think about it, it is not a good idea to toss cherry pits into your garbage disposal. Unless you really want a new disposal and are desperate to get your mate to buy you a replacement.

Is it Possible to Put Cherry Pits into a Disposal

Sink with garbage disposal with water running down the drain

The garbage disposal is a lot like your teeth. While the blades are strong and can chew up a variety of food items, stone-like, and wood-like products are not in that category. Cherry pits are as hard as stones and pieces of wood.

No, you cannot place cherry pits in your garbage disposal. If you do, the blades would be destroyed, and you would be looking for replacement disposal. To avoid the high cost of new disposals, do not toss cherry pits down the sink and let the disposal worry about them.

Instead, place the cherry pits in your garbage can or bag or put them in your comport box and let them fertilize your soil. it may take a little time for the pits to rot away but your garden will thank you for it later.

Some Final Words

Water spattered red cherries with stems.

Look before you leap, are keywords when it comes to using your garbage disposal. That appliance’s blades are not as strong as you may think.

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