Can You Put Apples in a Garbage Disposal

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Fruit is Healthy for You

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All kinds of different fruit have different health benefits. Eating fruit is a great way to keep your immune system running on all cylinders. And they do say that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

But the drawback to eating fruit, including apples, is that they can leave a mess behind. Cleaning up that mess means eyeing the garbage disposal and using it. But is it safe to put apples inside your garbage disposal?

Continue reading our article to get the right answer to that question. It will only take a few moments to get the information you need to know about.

Is it Safe to Put Apples in the Garbage Disposal

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This is a yes and no answer. Yes, it is possible to put apples into the disposal but only if you are not including the peels and the core. No, if you are looking to put the apple peels inside your disposal.

The reason you do not put apple peels is that they can slip past the blades and get caught somewhere in the disposal or in your drain. The blades miss chewing them up so the peels remain intact and ready to mess up your drain system.

The apple itself will get chewed up by the blades and should pass harmlessly through the appliance, your drain, and onto the sewer system. Just make sure the water is running when you do this.

It Isn’t Just Apple Peels

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Apple peels are not the only fruit peels you send to the traditional trash can or the compost pile. Avocado, potato, banana, and other fruits that you peel should also not be sent down through your garbage disposal.

It is for the same reason why you do not throw other peels into your disposal. Peels are too thin and slippery or fibrous for the garbage disposal’s blades to handle. They often go through the disposal untouched and get stuck somewhere in the drain system.

Some Final Words

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When you have an apple mess to clean up, it is best to use your trash can or your compost box to dispose of the apple remains. Only one part of the apple is safe to throw into your disposal and you may have eaten that one part already.

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