Can You Put Tea Bags in a Garbage Disposal

Used tea bags in a strainer

There are still tea drinkers left in the world.Tea is a very calming and healthy hot beverage that can make a tough day seem a lot better. It is not a get-up-and-go drink like coffee is but it has its purposes. Drinking tea helps you sit back, relax and reflect on your day.

That is a good feeling, along with the idea that most tea blends can help fight cancer. But is it safe to put used tea bags down your garbage disposal? The answer to that is coming up in this article. Just continue reading to find out why you can or can’t put tea bags in your disposal.

Are Tea Bags Safe for Your Disposal

Over head view of a single used teabag in a white flower shaped bowl.

The short answer is going to be ‘no’. The tea leaves expand when they have a lot of moisture surrounding them. Then these larger tea leaves can get caught with other food particles and help build that clog you do not want to see built.

Also, the tea bag envelope and string are not hard enough to be chewed up by the disposal’s blades. The string can wrap itself around the blades and start causing problems. The envelopes may also do the same thing, or they will get caught somewhere in your drain

Once they do that, that dreaded clog may form. It is best to use alternative disposal methods.

The Best Way to Dispose of Tea Bags

Overhead view of a teabag in a white tea cup, on a white plate, on a bamboo mat

Like many other food and beverage items, your kitchen trash can is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of tea bags. It is handy, close by, and it only takes a second or two to toss those bags into the trash.

If you are one of those people who does a lot of gardening and uses a compost pile to create nutritious soil, cutting the bags and dumping the tea leaves inside that box is a great way to get rid of the tea leaves.

The envelope and string can be tossed into the trash for quick disposal.

Some Final Words

Pile of unused teabags on a white background

It is not difficult to get rid of tea bags. Once you do there is no real mess to clean up as you would have with fruits and vegetables. Just avoid using the disposal when you do this task.

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