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How to Remove Grease Stains from a Refrigerator

hand using scrubber sponge to clean grease from white surface

Stainless steel appliances add value. That is one reason so many people opt to buy a stainless-steel fridge. Not only does this type of appliance look good, but it is also very durable and can handle the rigors of daily life. However, stainless steel is not impervious to stains and grease can get on them as it does on other fridge surfaces.

When you have kids, this is a never-ending battle. But there are methods and ingredients you can use to get rid of the grease very quickly. Leaving you time to watch your favorite television shows.

To remove grease correctly, just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to do the job right.

How to Clean Grease from Your Fridge

There are several methods you can use and different natural and commercial cleansers you can turn to in order to get the grease off your fridge. These methods can work for both stainless steel and regular fridge surfaces.

1. Baking Soda & Dish Washing Liquid

various cleaning tools, spray, lemon, baking soda, leaves, on a white background

One reason this combination is good for all fridge surfaces and stainless steel is that neither ingredient is abrasive. They should be gentle on your fridge and make sure just the grease is harmed as you clean.

Step 1 – Mix the baking soda and dishwashing liquid together. You want to form a bit of a paste here. The ratios can be estimated as long as you get a good mixture

Step 2 – Take a soft, clean cloth and put some of the paste on it. Next, rub the paste over the greasy marks and follow the grain of the surface if you are applying it to a stainless-steel surface. Make sure to rub back and forth.

Step 3 – Take another clean, soft cloth and wet it. Then rinse the fridge surface until the baking soda and dishwashing liquid have been completely removed.

2. Old Faithful- White Vinegar

Glass bottle with a label that reads "Vinegar" , a spray bottle, and a blue sponge on a yellow cloth

It is the go-to cleanser for a lot of dirty jobs. But that is because it works and does a great clean-up job no matter where it is applied. Since it is natural, you are taking no risks in using it. You can use either white or apple cider vinegar to clean the grease off.

Step 1 – The directions are simple, dampen the soft, clean cloth with vinegar.

Step 2 – Hold the damp cloth over the stain and let the vinegar soak in for a couple of minutes. You can rub slightly to remove those hard-to-get stains also.

Step 3 – Take another soft, clean cloth and wet it with water. Then go over your vinegar application and rinse the vinegar and stains away. This method works well with cigarette nicotine stains.

3. Commercial Cleaners

Teal colored bowl full of cleaning supplies on a white background

These cleansers are handy and easy to get. If you have them around the house, just get the can and follow the directions. Some just need to be sprayed onto the stains while others may need to be applied by rubbing on with a cloth.

The key to using these cleaners, besides following the instructions, is to get the right one for the fridge surface.

4. Dishwashing Liquid

Dish washing liquid being poured on different colored sponges against a blue backgound

You do not always need baking soda to clean grease off of a fridge surface. One option is to use a dishwashing liquid that fights grease and hot water. Cold water will not work in this case as it won’t help melt the grease.

A couple of tablespoons of soap and a gallon of warm to hot water mixed together will be all that you need. As usual use a soft, clean cloth for both the cleaning and the rinsing steps.

When it is time to rinse, use clean, warm water, and then dry the surface of the fridge.

Do Water Stains Harm Fridge Surfaces?

When you own a stainless-steel fridge, you may see some white stains appear from time to time. These are water stains but do not worry. They are not strong enough to damage your fridge unless you forget to clean them off for some time.

Will Vinegar Damage Stainless Steel?

Yellow gloved hand reaching for a glass decanter of vinegar next to a pile of bar soap, a sponge, and a small bowl of baking soda on a wooden counter.

When you do not use the vinegar correctly, it is possible that it will do some damage to the look of the surface material. The key is to rinse the vinegar off without too much delay and be thorough about doing that.

Some Final Words

Cleaning grease off your fridge is not going to take all day. It is an easy cleaning task to do so there is no reason to be intimidated by grease stains. Using the right method will help clear away those stains and return your fridge back to its natural good look

Just make sure to rinse thoroughly and get all the cleansers off your fridge.

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