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How to Clean Grease off Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Clean white kitchen with laminate cabinets

Grease travels, you may not realize it, but grease is light enough to fly. It is just not the spatters that send the grease particles flying to your kitchen cabinets. Those just reach the nearby ones. It is the steam that helps those grease particles to travel all over your kitchen.

When that happens, you will have a greasy mess on your hands. You need to be careful when cleaning laminate cabinets as too much water may get to the wood underneath and make it swell.

To learn how to clean grease off laminate cabinets just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about.

The Tools of The Cleaning Task

When you get ready to clean your kitchen cabinets, you will need a few items to get the job done. You will need different clothes for washing and drying the cabinets; a bucket to mix the solution or you can use your sink; hot water and the cleaning solution.

Drying the cabinets right after you wash them is essential to keep any water from ruining the cabinets.

How to Clean Grease off Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Method 1: Hot Water and Dishwashing Liquid

Dish soap bottle sitting on a white counter next to a white sink with a white faucet.

This is a go-to method because both hot water and dishwashing liquid cut grease. This combination is the one-two punch when it comes to getting grease off of anything.

All you need to do is mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a gallon of hot water and let the two mix together. Then take the cloth you want to wash with and dip it into the solution. Wipe down the cabinets making sure to continue wiping until all the grease is off.

You will need to dry right away so that the water does not harm the laminate or the MDF wood underneath. Water is not a friend to either. This means that you should have your drying cloth right with you as you work.

If there is any residue left over, simply go back over the cabinets with a damp clean cloth and rinse the residue off. Then dry right away again.

Method 2: Vinegar and Water

close up of Apple cider vinegar being poured into  a spoon

White vinegar is the cleanser of choice and its acidic nature cuts through the grease very effectively. It also disinfects which means you are killing germs as you clean. The trick to using vinegar is to dilute as that acidic nature that helps you clean the grease can also damage laminate and wood.

Use a 1 to 1 ratio when diluting white vinegar. For every 1/2 or full cup of vinegar you use, use the same amount of water. Then dampen your cloth and begin to wipe. Make sure to have a drying cloth nearby so that you can get the moisture off before it does any damage.

You may have to have a cleaning cloth, a rinse cloth, and a dry cloth handy at all times. You do not want to leave any vinegar residue on the laminate at any time. This method should not take long to do, depending on how much grease you let build up over time.

Method 3: Murphy Oil & Water

Murphy oil soap on a store shelf

Mix about 1/2 cup of Murphy oil per gallon of water and read the instructions to see if you need cold, warm, or hot water when mixing the two. This oil is designed to work with wood, veneer, and laminate cabinets and furniture. You will not be doing any harm to them by using this product.

Tips For Cleaning Your Laminate Cabinets

Close up of brown laminate cabinets with silver handles

The process is the same as the other two methods. Clean, rinse, and then dry using different cloths. Keep in mind that the bigger the build-up the more you will have to rub to get those cabinets free of grease.

Also, make sure to spot treat heavy grease areas. Use a little more of the cleaning solution you have chosen to use on those spots. Don’t be afraid to wash two or three times. You will need to get all the grease off before you can say you are finished.

Plus, do not be afraid to dump the old solution out and make a new batch. Keeping the solution clean will keep it more powerful. Do regular cleaning so your workload is lighter the next time.

You can pre-clean by using warm water and a clean cloth to wipe down your cabinets before you use one of the solutions mentioned above. Then when you are cooking, use your range hood if you have one. That will draw a lot of the steam and grease up and out of your home.

Some Final Words

Down the counter view of a white laminate kitchen counter/ cabinet set with utensils hanging on the wall with lime green accents

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and those words are very important to cleaning grease off your laminate cabinets. The more you clean the less grease you will have to remove each time.

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