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The Best Way To Clean A Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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Stainless steel refrigerator can turn our kitchens into modern heaven and it can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. But when not cleaned properly you will not like them. It will help if you get rid of spots, streaks, and handprints to make your stainless steel refrigerator look shiny, fresh, and clean. 

Although a stainless steel refrigerator is more expensive and requires more maintenance than most, it is the ideal possession for any kitchen. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, it will last for several years and ultimately help you save money instead of spending it.

Cleaning this appliance is easy, but you might end up making some minor mistakes without a supportive guide. Therefore, we have reviewed the top-rated steps on how we can successfully clean our stainless steel refrigerators.

Materials Required To Clean A Stainless Steel Fridge

White vinegar in glass bottle nest to scrub brush, sponge and cloth on white background
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Olive oil
  • Paper towels
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Stainless steel wipes

Step To Clean Stainless Steel Fridge

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Step 1 – Select A Nonabrasive Cleaning Cloth

Stainless steel refrigerator will scratch easily if you don’t use the right washing cloth. Generally, a microfiber cloth is the best since they leave less fibrous fabrics on the refrigerator surface.

Step 2 – Wash Away The Marks And Fingerprint

Stainless steel has surface texture or grain which runs in a specific direction. For the refrigerator with vertical grain, you will need to wipe the face in extended fluid motions starting from top to bottom. For the horizontal grain, consider wiping straight motions from side to side.

(a) Avoid running microfiber cloth down and up or forth and back. Preferably, start all the wipes from a specific side, moving straight down and across to the other.

(b) Remember rubbing against any grain, even when using microfiber, might leave permanent scratches on your refrigerator surface.

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Step 3 – Dilute 5-6 Drops Of Dish Soap In (950 Ml) Quart Of Warm Water

Mix your dish soap until it’s completely incorporated into your warm water. Allow the water to form bubby or foamy on top. Ensure there are no chucks or steak of dish soap left suspended on the water. However, in this case, always use mild dish detergent when cleaning your fridge since any abrasive detergents will damage or scratch your steel.

Dip your microfiber clean cloth into warm soapy water until it is moistened. Consider wringing out the excess liquid, followed by wiping your refrigerator down, working in the grain direction. Please don’t allow the soap to dry before rinsing it. This might leave streaks and residue on the surface.

Step 4 – Rinse The Refrigerator Using A Clean Microfiber Cloth Soaked Into Hot Water

You need to rinse the cleaning detergent away with a clean, new, and nonabrasive cloth. Try going over this section as many times as possible to ensure you remove all soapy residue from your stainless steel fridge. Put a towel under your fridge to catch excess water that spills during the rinsing process. Further, wring your cloth between the sections to remove soap water that might have accumulated in the rinsing process.

Step 5 – Mist Your Refrigerator Using White Vinegar

Fill your spray bottle with white vinegar at least ¼ of it. Spray down your stainless steel refrigerator with that thin mist of white vinegar. Ensure you cover the full surface with mist, but not until the vinegar starts condensing into droplets.

Paper towel rolls on a kitchen counter

Step 6 – Wipe Down Your Fridge Using A Cotton Microfiber Cloth Or Paper Towels

Paper towels or microfiber fabrics work best, but also any nonabrasive cloth can help. Wipe down the refrigerator in a grain direction until you remove all white vinegar mist. White vinegar aids but left through grime, streaks, and dirt before polishing it with olive oil.

Step 7 – Polish Your Stainless Steel Refrigerator With Olive/Mineral Oil And A Clean Cloth

Using another fresh nonabrasive cloth, add few drops of olive oil. Gently wipe your oiled cloth over the refrigerator going with the targeted grain. Consider wiping in sections and add more if necessary. Since you don’t want to see oily residue on your refrigerator surface, give it a polished look even if it will take 4-5 passes. If you notice too much oil left, use an unoiled, clean cloth to wipe it completely.

Close up on handles on a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Step 8 – Use Stainless Steel Wipes To Shine Your Refrigerator

Look for wipes made particularly for cleaning stainless steel products in stores around you. These cleaning wipes works magically in stainless steel appliances; in a single step, they give your steel surface a shiny look, but after removing the oils and grease from your appliance. Essentially, they are quick wipes for keeping your refrigerator fresh.

Stainless steel refrigerators are among the most used items in our homes. Cleaning and keeping them fresh is the only way of improving good hygiene in our houses. Therefore, follow the above easy and affordable steps and have your stainless steel refrigerator looking like new in no time.

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