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How to Clean Underneath a Refrigerator

Dirt under a fridge being swept into a dust pan

Everybody loves to keep home clean, sweet-smelling, organized and welcoming. However, not everyone is an excellent house cleaner. Sometimes while standing in the kitchen and looking at your fridge, we realize it has been sitting there, unmoved since we have bought it. There is ‘stuff’ underneath it. We say stuff because we are not really sure what it is, we see down there.

It got us thinking, not how does that stuff get there, but more importantly, how does that stuff get out? So, we did some research and by trial and error, we have found a good deal of information concerning how to clean under refrigerator and which tools to use.

How to Clean Under Fridge

Broom and dust pan leaning against a wall

Do you know how to clean under your fridge? Most people overlook doing this chore simply because they do not know how to do it. We have discovered some simple ways to accomplish this without chemicals and it is harmless around children too. It will help you make your kitchen cleaner, fresher, and more inviting.

Before starting, your fridge should have wheels under it, so slowly move it away from the wall, far enough to allow you to reach where it is plugged into the wall. Unplug your fridge and if possible, move it far enough to allow you to clean that area of the floor if you so wish.

Methods to Clean Underneath Refrigerator

leg view of woman standing in a kitchen holding a bucket of cleaning supplies and a dust mop

Method 1 – Find yourself a cheap yardstick to slide across the floor to get the trash out from underneath the fridge. If needed, roll a bit of duct tape onto the end to help you grab and pull the stubborn items such as paper.

Method 2 – Using a clothes hanger is also efficient. Merely unravel the bends of the hangar to help you move and hook debris out from under your fridge.

Method 3 – You can also use a vacuum cleaner hose to help clean under the fridge. Use it to pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair under there.

Method 4 – A cheap and flexible dryer brush is great for this chore. With a flexible handle and a small bristle brush head to fit under the fridge to grab dirt, pet hair, and paper. You can find them at dollar stores, hardware stores, and Walmart.

Method 5 – You can use a duster, but not a feather duster, a wool or fiber duster to clean under the fridge. Dusters can also be bought at the hardware store, dollar stores, or Walmart.

Method 6 Cleaning outside of the fridge is important too. Cleaning the coils underneath can be done by:

  • Sliding a wrapping paper core onto a vacuum cleaner crevice tool after putting several breathing holes along the sides of the core. Then slide the core onto the tool and slide it under the fridge to clean the coils.
  • Take a paintbrush and brush all the dust and dirt you can reach throughout that whole area.
Woman with fridge door open and cleaning the gasket area inside the door

We nearly forgot, cleaning the door gaskets. Begin with one quart of warm water, one tablespoon of baking soda, or use a mild soap and water solution. Use a microfilter cloth and a toothbrush. Cleaning the gaskets may take a bit of time since food particles tend to stick there. This will help the gaskets to continue sealing correctly, and make sure your refrigerator will continue to run efficiently.

When you have finished cleaning all you want of the fridge and its normal spot on the floor is how clean you want it, slide your fridge back far enough to plug it back in then return it to its proper place.

Now you are aware of simple cost-effective ways to clean under your refrigerator. This means you will not have to move it to clean underneath it until next time. It is recommended that you should clean under there twice a year. However, you will still want to move it to clean the floor underneath it because you cannot reach it otherwise.

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