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How to Clean a Stainless Steel Fridge Door

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Installing stainless steel appliances can turn your dated kitchen into a modern kitchen that looks amazing. Years ago, white and gold appliances were popular. Many kitchens even had green appliances. Today, these colors are considered dated and stainless steel is here to stay.

Although stainless steel refrigerators and appliances will make your kitchen look great, there is a downside. Every time someone touches the refrigerator door, they will leave a mark behind. This can be incredibly annoying if you have small children who tend to put their hands on everything.

Fortunately, if you know how to clean stainless steel, you can remove the fingerprints in seconds. There are also products available that can prevent fingerprints from appearing on your stainless-steel refrigerator. In this article, we will get into detail of all these things.

Steps to Clean Stainless Steel Fridge Door

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Step 1 – Use the Right Cleaning Cloth

When cleaning stainless steel, you cannot use any type of cloth. Terry cloth and cotton facecloths tend to leave lint behind. This can show up more than the fingerprints and smudges that you are trying to remove. It is best to use a microfiber cloth to clean the refrigerator because these cloths will not leave lint behind, and they won’t cause streaks. After cleaning the refrigerator with a microfiber cloth and the cleanser of your choice, wipe it down with paper towels.

Step 2 – Choosing the Right Cleaning Agent

There are a few cleaning agents to choose from. The one you choose depends on how dirty your refrigerator door is and how you want it to look when it is clean.

  • Plain Water: If your refrigerator is not very dirty, you can use plain water to clean it. If the water is not working, you can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. If you use soap, you will need to use plain water after to wash the soap away. If you use water, you need to dry it immediately to prevent streaks.
  • Oil: You can clean your stainless-steel refrigerator door with different types of oil, including olive oil, vegetable oil, and baby oil. Oil gives stainless steel a glossy shine, and it will give the steel a darker shade. If you use oil, you will need to rub the refrigerator more to dry it and remove the excess oil.
  • Vinegar and Water: Vinegar and water are great for removing greasy fingerprints from your stainless-steel refrigerator door. In a spray bottle, combine three parts vinegar and one part water. After spraying the refrigerator with the mixture, wipe it thoroughly with paper towels.
  • Commercial Cleaners: Many people prefer commercial products that are designed to clean glass or stainless steel. These products are effective, but they are more expensive than the other options.
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Step 3 – Cleaning the Refrigerator Properly

There is more to cleaning your stainless-steel refrigerator door than choosing the right cleaning agent and the right cloth. If it is going to look clean and streak-free, you need to clean with the grain. If you look closely at the refrigerator door, you will be able to see the grain. When you clean against the grain, the cloth will leave tiny scratches behind.

Step 4 – Preventing Fingerprints on Your Stainless-Steel Refrigerator

There are stainless steel refrigerators on the market today that are fingerprint resistant. However, if you do not have a newer model that is fingerprint-resistant, there is a way that you can make your fridge resistant to fingerprints.

There are plenty of wax-based sprays on the market that are designed to treat stainless steel. These products are relatively inexpensive, and after spraying the refrigerator with the product, you can prevent fingerprints. It is essential that you spray your refrigerator weekly to prevent fingerprints long-term.

A few of the most popular and effective products include 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish, Weiman Skinless Steel Cleaner, and Easy-Off Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. You can buy these products at your local supermarket or online for $6 to $22.

Stainless steel appliances can make your kitchen look beautiful and modern. If your refrigerator is covered in fingerprints, it can have a negative effect on the overall appearance of the refrigerator. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to clean fingerprints and smudges from the refrigerator.

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