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How to Clean Grease from Stove

Greasy, dirty gas stove top

One of the worst places when you think about it, the spot that gets the most grease is your stove. It is the closest to your cooking pots and pans so it stands to reason it will get the most grease. If you do a lot of cooking, then expect this to be the worst spot that will have the most grease build-up.

Cleaning your stove is not the desired job but it needs to be done if you want a healthy and germ-free kitchen to cook in. Depending on the amount of grease that has accumulated, this can be an easy or difficult task to do.

To make it easier the following instructions will give you the information you need to clean your stove properly. Take a few minutes to see how much this information will help you.

How to Clean Grease from Stove

The grease build-up can be heavy so do not expect to wipe away all the grease with one wipe. It will take some elbow grease to remove all the greasy build-up. In other words, be prepared to wipe a few times before your stove is spotless.

Method 1: Hot Water & Dishwashing Liquid

Blue gloved hands pouring dish soap onto a yellow sponge.

You can use this method in two ways. One just wet the soft cloth with hot water and begin to wipe. Hot water does break down grease and turns it back into liquid form for easy clean-up.

However, hot water may not do it all. It will need the help of dishwashing liquid with built-in grease fighters. You can mix the dishwashing liquid in with the hot water then dip your cloth into that solution.

Or you can pour the liquid directly on the grease and let it soak in for a bit. Then wipe with a damp cloth filled with hot water. You do not need the cloth to be dripping wet, just damp enough to get enough hot water on the grease.

The key to getting your stove clean is to continue wetting the cloth and wiping the stove. It may take a few minutes to get the job done but at least the stove will be grease-free.

Method 2: Baking Soda & Water

Baking soda in a wooden spoon over a glass of water.

In this method, you will need 1/4 cup of baking soda and just enough water to turn that powder into a paste. You do not want a lot of water as you do not want the paste to be runny. Also, you can use an old toothbrush or a clean cloth to apply the paste.

Once the paste is ready you can brush or wipe it over the grease. You may have to do some scrubbing over the tough spots but in the end, you will get rid of the grease. When you have removed all of the grease, you need to take another clean cloth and wet it.

Wring it out before rinsing the stove. You do not need dripping wet cloths to do the rinsing. The rinse is needed to remove any paste residue left behind after the scrubbing step. Rinse well so that your stove becomes spotless.

How to Clean Stove Grates

Close up of a stove grate and stove top

These are a little harder to clean as the heat from the burner can bake the grease into these important stove items. You can try natural cleansers but commercial ones are often formatted to work on the material used to create these grates.

When you find the right cleaner for these grates, follow the directions carefully. Some are made from cast iron and do not always respond to every cleaner. Sometimes you will have to let the cleaner sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing them off.

Feel free to try other natural cleaners to see if they work well enough to get the grease off. Soaking the grates will help get the deep-down grease the burner baked on.

How to Make Your Stove Cleaning Task Easier

Hand with rag cleaning gas stove top

Some people wait months before they tackle this not so pleasant task. Waiting only makes the job worse. The key to making cleaning the grease off your stove easier is to do regular cleaning.

Your cleaning schedule will depend on how often you cook. If you are not a great cook who makes meals every day, then you may be able to get away with cleaning the stove once a month.

If you cook a lot, then once every two weeks should be sufficient. You be the judge of how often you clean but when you delay, it only gets worse.

Some Final Words

Close up of a gas stove burner

Cleaning the grease off your stove will take some work. That is because you are faced with layers of grease from all the times you cooked. make sure to clean regularly so that the grease does not build up.

The build-up can catch fire if you are not careful.

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