How to Clean a KitchenAid Mixer

Person setting up whisk attachment on a red KitchenAid mixer

There is Something Special

Like all other mixers, the KitchenAid stand mixer helps you prepare some of the most delicious food items possible. Sure, you create those dishes and baked goods by hand, but the mixer simply makes it easier and faster.

That is what is special about a stand mixer. Your creative talents are put to better use, and you still have the energy to enjoy what you produced. However, after all that work, the mixer tends to get dirty. When it does, you need to clean it.

That is not something special. Just keep reading to learn how to clean your KitchenAid stand mixer correctly so you can continue those special moments safely.

Why You Need to Clean Your KitchenAid Mixer

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You may clean the beaters after every use and you may wipe the mixer down from time to time, but those cleaning efforts are not enough. Most people just leave their mixer on the counter without covering it.

Besides food particles getting into little crevices and gathering bacteria, the open storage allows dust and dirt to get inside the appliance. This means that while the mixer looks clean, it really isn’t. You could be spreading germs and bacteria to everyone who eats your baked goods.

That is why you need to give your KitchenAid a thorough cleaning. Keeping germs, dirt, dust away from your family is vital.

How to Clean Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Chef in an apron pouring hot sugar syrup into a KitchenAid mixer

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need toothpicks or pipe cleaners, a microfiber cloth, toothbrush, dish washing liquid, and baking soda.

Step 2: Unplug the Machine

If you do not already do this, make sure the power cord is not in the socket. Double-check to make sure as you do not want any surprises taking place.

Step 3: Remove and Wash Attachments

You may have done this before but do it again to be on the safe side. All extensions, attachments, beaters should be cleaned in your sink using soap and hot water. Then let them air dry or you can use your dishwasher to handle this step.

Step 4: Mixing Bowls

Chocolate batter in a KitchenAid mixer being beaten with a whisk attachment

Do these at the same time you are washing the attachments. Do not leave one item belonging to your mixer unwashed. Let the bowls dry while you turn your attention to your mixer.

Step 5: Wipe Clean

While this should be done after every use, you should do it again as dust and dirt can get on the mixer in between uses and cleaning time. Just moisten the cloth and add a little cleaner to it and wipe away.

Make sure to rinse the mixer to get all the soap off. Use another clean damp cloth to do the rinsing.

Step 6: Those Little Crevices

After wiping the exterior of the mixer clean, now comes the hard part. You will want to take your toothbrush and put a little cleaner on it. Then you need to go over all those little crevices and other openings.

Dirt, food particles, and bacteria love to hide in those little tight spots. Again, be thorough and make sure you do not miss a spot. Clean off the toothbrush and use a little water to remove any remaining soap etc.

Step 7: Tilt the Mixer

Red KitchenAid mixer with the head tilted back isolated on a white background.

Don’t forget to lock it into place. Now repeat the cleaning on the underside of the mixer. Do the beater shaft, the hinge area, and any place you can see that will accommodate food particles, dirt, and bacteria.

Use your toothbrush for this area as well. Don’t leave dried flour or other items behind as they will make good homes for bacteria if you do.

Step 8: Clean Hidden Areas

Some parts of the mixer tend to go unnoticed at cleaning time. Don’t omit them at this special cleaning. Look for any areas you may have missed and give them a good cleaning.

Some Final Words

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It will take a little time to do this task but, in the end, the time is worth spending. Making sure your small kitchen appliances are nice and clean helps you to provide healthy food for your family.

You can have some peace of mind knowing that your kitchen tools are germ-free. One way to avoid doing a lot of cleaning is to store your mixer under a cover. That way dirt and dust, as well as germs, do not get to settle on the mixer when it is not in use.

Also, store the attachments, bowls, and beaters in safe closed spots so they have some protection as well.

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