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How to Polish a Stainless-Steel Refrigerator

Hand in a pink glove wiping a stainless steel fridge with a blue rag

Stainless steel always looks good. Plus, it is a great metal to clean up as well as get rid of any germs or bacteria. Those are just a few of the reasons why people choose stainless steel for their sinks and appliances.

Unfortunately, stainless steel can become dull and lifeless. When that happens that is the time to start thinking about polishing your stainless-steel fridge. To learn how to do this task correctly just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to do a great job.

The Tools You Need

For any job, you need the right tools to do it properly. Here are all the items you need to get the polishing task done like a professional and come away with great results.

  • Handheld Power Polisher
  • Stainless Steel Polish
  • Soft Clean Cloth
  • Sponge
  • Flour
  • Olive Oil
  • Dishwashing Liquid

The Steps to Polishing Your Stainless-Steel Fridge

Variety of polishing wheels isolated on a black background

The best advice we can give is for you to take your time in doing this job. There is no sense hurrying it as you may miss spots that leave you with bad results.

Step 1 – Clean Your Fridge

You won’t avoid this step. For the polish to work right, you need to make sure the fridge is clean. Make sure to lay down some paper or towels under the fridge and over the floor.

Then mix some dishwashing liquid in some warm water and take a non-abrasive sponge and clean the appliance. Rinse with clean water and pat to dry. Be gentle but thorough throughout this stage.

Step 2 – Try Olive Oil

Olive oil being poured over olives in a wooden spoon on a green background.

For some reason, this type of oil works great on stainless steel. All you need to do is put a few drops of this oil on a soft, clean cloth and wipe it on your fridge. Apply the oil as needed but you only need a thin layer.

Step 3 – Use Elbow Grease

What that means is that once you got the olive oil on your fridge you need to use a little muscle and buff the fridge. Using a circular motion, moderate pressure and the oily part of the cloth go across your fridge until the surface is smoother than when you started.

Step 4 – More Elbow Grease

Hand with a blue rag wiping a white surface

This step has you using a dry cloth and repeating step 3 without the oil. You want to get rid of the excess oil as it can dull your fridge again. If you get the results you want, take a break, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. However, you may not get the results you want, and further steps are needed.

Step 5 – Turn to Flour to Help

Olive oil may not have done the job very well so now you go to your pantry and pull out the all-purpose flour. Put a light coating of this flour all over your fridge. When that coat is ready, take a dry cloth and use the same circular buffing motion and polish the fridge.

After covering your fridge simply wipe away any excess flour. Hopefully, this step did the trick, if not you may need to go to stainless steel polish and power tools.

The Modern Power Tool Method

Green electric power buffer isolated on a white backgroun

This will probably be the easiest method to use as it does not take much energy from you to polish your fridge. If your fridge has a lot of scratches you may want to avoid the natural methods and jump straight to this one.

The power buffer should get those scratches off in no time. With the different polishing pads the power buffer comes with, you should be able to rid the fridge of those nasty scratches. Just pick a pad that is slightly abrasive.

The key to removing those scratches is to cover the whole fridge side and not just the area where the scratches are. This will ensure you have an even finish. All you have to do is apply the polish to the pad, turn it on and buff away.

Make sure to follow all the instructions that come with the polisher. When you are done, use a cloth to remove any excess polish. After the job is done, you can admire your handiwork.

Some Final Words

Professional kitchen with stainless steel appliances and work stations

Polishing stainless steel is not that hard of a task. It will take a little elbow grease but that is to be expected when you want the job to be done well. Even with a power polisher, you will be expected to guide it and use some energy to make sure you got those scratches out.

Your reward is when your fridge looks great again.

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