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Do Magnets Damage a Stainless-Steel Refrigerator?

Woman looking into a stainless steel fridge with magnets on the front

Magnets allow you to communicate with loved ones when you are not there to greet them in the morning or when they get home. These little devices allow you to put notes up on the fridge or place a shopping list where you won’t forget it or let you highlight a good grade and more.

Magnets bring convenience yet are they as safe as one thinks they are? To find the answer to this question just continue to read our article. It explores the issue, so you have the information you need.

If You Are a Perfectionist

Stainless steel fridge with hear shaped magnets and a single piece of paper.

Your personality may influence your use of magnets. If you are a perfectionist, then it is a good idea to use suction cups or some other plastic-type material that grips metal very easily.

The reason we say this is because magnets can scratch the surface of a fridge if mishandled. Many magnets come with sharp, raised edges that can damage the finish on the fridge when you put them on or take them off in a careless fashion.

Plastic protected magnets or vinyl-covered ones may prevent that from happening. As would using clips or hooks with suction cups. The plastic material on those cups is flexible and does not leave marks behind when you mishandle them.

When you want everything to look perfect and like it was bought yesterday, you may want to avoid using any type of magnet or hook on your fridge. The look of these convenience items is not always up to high standards.

Do Magnets Damage Your Stainless-Steel Fridge

Metal magnet with clip on scratched stainless steel.

When it comes to the operation of your fridge or freezer, then the answer is no. Magnets for fridges or home use are not powerful enough to interrupt any of the machinery built inside your appliance.

Placing magnets on a fridge only cause damage when they are not handled properly, and the edges scratch the surface. What can also scratch the surface of your nice-looking appliance are your long nails.

Some women let their nails grow and when they do, they forget about what those nails can do to different surfaces. Fridge surfaces can be scratched by long nails. That means when you have long nails, you need to be careful when you are picking up that magnet or removing the pieces of paper underneath it.

Do Magnets Stick to Stainless-Steel

Small button magnets on a stainless steel fridge holding a square of paper with a smiley face that says "Smile!"

Yes and no. The magnets can stick to some stainless-steel surfaces. When magnets do stick to this metal, it is usually when the nickel content added to the steel is not very high. Magnets will stick to steel but not nickel.

Your fridge may have a high nickel content which is why you are bending over a lot and picking those magnets up off the floor. When magnets do stick to stainless steel, the surface material may be very thin, and the power of the magnet reaches the metal underneath that surface.

What to Use Instead of Regular Magnets

Suction cut attached to stainless steel with a piece of chord tied to it.

There are many different options you can use. One is, to use vinyl-coated magnets. Not only do these items look good on the fridge door, but they also should not scratch the surface

Or you can use plastic suction cups with hooks in them to hold up notes, schoolwork you are proud of, and other needed and important pieces of paper. Finally, you can use scotch tape or another tape version that does not leave marks behind when you take it off.

Tape is always handy, and it comes off very easily when the notes, etc., are not needed anymore. Then you can avoid the risk of scratching the fridge by placing a memo board somewhere else in your kitchen.

A little nail or two in the wall and the cork memo or whiteboard are ready for use. Keeping it away from the fridge will protect that latter’s surface. Then don’t forget, you can always cut your nails and use regular magnets again.

Using magnets is a great way to communicate with those family members who are on a different schedule. When coupled with a fridge they are very convenient and easy to use. The fridge is used by everyone in the family, so it makes sense to use it as a message board.

However, when you do that, you run the risk of scratching the surface and ruining the appliance’s looks. Some people do not mind that result, but others do. That is why alternatives exist to help you communicate better.

If you want to use magnets, just be careful and make sure everyone trims their nails on a regular basis.

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