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How to Clean a Microwave with a Wet Paper Towel

2 rolls of paper towels on a kitchen counter

Out of sight, out of mind. That seems to be the way most people look at a microwave. If they do not see the mess, they do not think about it. That attitude means that by the time you get around to cleaning the appliance it can be very dirty.

There is a good way to clean that will save you some hard work and all you will need will be some paper towels. Even though the dirt may be set, paper towels can really clean up the inside of your microwave.

To learn how to use that paper product and get your microwave clean without too much effort, just continue to read our article. It gives you that information and more.

Using Paper Towels to Clean Your Microwave

Yellow gloved hand cleaning the inside of a microwave

All similar cleaning methods have you mixing different ingredients together. Then you place them in a bowl and so on. With paper towels, all you need to do is fold one into quarters and make it wet.

Most people say to use only one paper towel, but experiment a little as the more steam, the more saturation in those tough stains you get. The more saturation, the easier it is to clean your microwave’s interior.

Once you wet the towel or two, just place it or them inside the microwave and close the door. Make sure to place them in the center of the platter to get an even steam stream.

Then close the door and set your microwave to the highest temperature it can go. Then set the timer for 5 minutes and press start. When you hear the ding, look at your watch to time another five minutes. When that second set of 5 minutes is over, you can remove the towel or towels.

Then, use the same towel or towels to wipe the interior of your microwave. The stains should come right off due to the steam loosening their grip on the walls and ceiling, etc., inside the appliance. Use extra towels if you need to.

Once the microwave is clean, you are done, and you can go on to your next kitchen task.

Cleaning Tough Stains

Bowl with red sauce, exploded inside of a microwave.

Steam is really good at loosening up stains as well as sterilizing the interior of your appliance. But sometimes steam is not enough. You need to add to your cleaning power some different cleansers to make sure you got every food particle.

To help the paper towels do their job, you can go one round with the towels and then make a paste of baking soda and water. Once that is done simply repeat the process. Make sure to use a soft cloth or sponge when wiping up the baking soda paste.

Or you can use vinegar, lemons, or Windex instead of baking soda. You have lots of cleaning options when steam is not enough. The good news is that none of these products should harm your microwave-safe bowls or containers.

Use Soft Cloths

White kitchen towel laying on a stucco surface

Even though microwaves can be tough and take a lot of heat, that does not mean they are impregnable. Their walls are often made from vulnerable materials like ceramics. That means you have to be careful which cleaning tools you use.

You do not want to use an abrasive cloth or sponge to get those tough stains off and out. Nor do you want to use plastic scrapers, steel wool, or anything similar. The softer the better.

Soft cloths, kitchen towels, soft sponges, and even paper towels are okay to use. They get the mess but do not damage the microwave. Plus, you do not need to scrub hard. The steam will loosen the dirt and grime so all you have to do is wipe like normal.

The dirt should come off very easily and your job will be over before you know it. Then the platter can easily be soaked in soap and water while you are wiping down the interior of your appliance.

Do two jobs at once and when you are finished with the microwave, you can clean the platter and get it dry.

Some Final Words

Hand laying on top of crumpled paper towel with a partial roll of paper towels in the background.

Cleaning your microwave is only a matter of letting the steam do most of the work for you. Paper towels come in handy as you do not need extra dishes or ingredients. When you are done with the paper towels, you just toss them in the trash can and no clean-up is required.

Paper towels are a safe, easy way to keep your microwave clean.

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