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How to Adjust a Refrigerator Door Swing

Teal kitchen with refrigerator with door open

Food preservation is an essential requirement in modern life. And this is among the alarming reason when our refrigerator door is not closing all the way. Depending on what is making your refrigerator door give you a headache, you can probably solve it. However, it would help if you have a supportive guide on repairing a refrigerator door hinge. In this article we have prepared a step by step guide on how to repair refrigerator door hinge. 

Step 1 – Clean The Refrigerator Gasket

In most cases, refrigerator door issues are related to the gasket. This is a rubber seal that runs around the outside of your freezer and fridge doors. However, when the gasket is warped, hardened, dirty, or detached with age, then the seal which keeps the refrigerator closed will loosen due to the cold inside.

Cleaning this gasket is the easiest fix. Consider cleaning off the sail that builds up any interfering layer of grit and grime over time. Use the washcloth and sponge; firmly wipe the whole length of your rubber gasket on all accessible sides.

Further, mild dish soap or little white vinegar will help break up residue and grease. And any thin layer of Vaseline will restore some effectiveness and softness to an older seal.

Step 2 – Reattach Your Gasket

Close up of refrigerator door gasket

Remember, with many refrigerator openings, older gaskets might become detached and twisted in places. So if you have your gasket twisted or unattached, you can successfully repair it by reattaching it correctly. You come use gasket cement, a type of glue for refrigerator door gaskets.

The right method will probably depend on your refrigerator model.

Step 3 – Replace The Seal When Necessary

When your gasket is fully damaged or old, it will help if you replace it and restore the perfect seal to your refrigerator. Consider using the model on your appliance to choose the correct replacement gasket.

In this case, remove your old gasket rightly according to the refrigerator guideline. Next, clean the gasket groove before the installation of the new one. Remember to test the seal after finishing and ensure your work is precise.

Step 4 – Balance The Refrigerator Feet

Close up of bottom corner of refrigerator  showing the feet

Sometimes our refrigerator might stop sealing when the door is unevenly hanging in a specific way, which keeps your gasket from lining up appropriately. However, this is caused by the feet or floor of the refrigerator being uneven.

Know that when the floor is not fully even, the fridge will be propped up on anything uneven. So you might require making some adjustments to fridge feet. Use a laser and bubble level to make sure the bottom of your refrigerator is even. Further, on a level floor, ensure that the feet are at the same height, to a point where they fully support the fridge at even keel.

Step 5 – Tighten The Refrigerator Hinges

With countless closings, openings, and heavy stuff stored in the fridge door, it might probably start to sag the door hinges. You can successfully fix this problem easily. When your hinges are in good condition, consider tightening them, particularly at the top of the door.

The bottom hinges might still require to get tightened to get the balance right. Essentially, before any mechanism, first, remove all plastic cover on your refrigerator’s top door hinge. Follow the manual fridge guideline in re-aligning and tightening the connection of the fridge door.

Step 6 – Replace The Damaged Hinges

Dark kitchen with fridge doors open

There is a possibility that the refrigerator door cannot seal and align when hinges are damaged. And this will probably cause them to bend in different shapes.

However, when you notice hinges are damaged, rusting through, bent, the good news is that you can fix the problem. The new hinges replaced with old hinges will firmly hold the fridge door with reliability and vigor.

Step 7 – Rearrange Your Refrigerator Shelves

In some cases, the issue is not big as you think; something might be blocking the door. Often, full use of our refrigerator’s shelves might lead to constant door occlusion and blocking of the seal. However, solve this problem by rearranging the fridge shelves. Think about where door trays are sticking out and how much space you require to arrange your appliance appropriately.

Step 8 – Replace The Door

White refrigerator with human arm opening it.

There is a chance that the entire refrigerator door is the problem. If your door warped or hit by mistake in any circumstance, it might never remain closed or form a complete seal. In this case, weigh the benefit and cost of replacing the door or purchasing a new refrigerator with all whistles, warranties, and bells that will entail.

Regardless of your refrigerator door’s issue, the above guide will help you find the cause and attain the solution. Go through the above eight ways to successfully repair your refrigerator door hinge. 

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