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How To Remove The Drip Tray From A Fridge

back view of a refrigerator with compressor and drip pan

Generally, as time moves, you will need to get out your refrigerator drip tray to remove any blockage in the drain, clean it or even repair it. The drip tray is among the most useful thing in our refrigerator since it catches the defrosted ice from leaking into kitchens. Removing this drip tray is easy and takes a few minutes, depending on the design of your refrigerators. However, if you have no idea how you do this, below is an all-inclusive guide to remove your drip tray from your fridge safely.

Tools Needed To Remove Drip Tray From A Fridge

Tools in a tool bag on a wooden surface
  • Screwdriver 
  • Gloves
  • Bleaching Solution
  • Paper Towels/Cleaning Cloth

Steps To Remove Drip Tray From A Fridge

Step 1 – Go Through Your Refrigerator Manual And Find Where The Drip Tray Is Located

Closeup of person holding an open manual

In most cases, the drip trays are typically located in rear or front of the refrigerator. However, this might depend on someone’s fridge design. Go through the fridge diagrams inside to find the exact position of the drip tray.

The manual might also guide you on the safe process of removing it, or preferably clean it while in your refrigerator. Since, sometimes you may have displaced your fridge’s manual, look online where the manufacturer might have it accessible to download from their websites.

Step 2 – Disconnect The Power And Water Supply To Access The Back Panel

For some fridges which come with their drip tray located in the rear, you will need to pull the refrigerator out from its place to access it. Unplug your refrigerator to avoid shock accidents when working in interior components. Look for the water supply if your appliance has it and turn it off to avoid leakage.

Step 3 – Carefully Unscrew The Fridge Back Panel If Your Drip Tray Is Located In The Rear.

Yellow and black screwdriver on a wooden surface

Locate the exact place where hex or screw bolts that hold the back panel are located. And this is mostly on the bottom of your refrigerator. You should use the hex wrench and screwdriver to rotate the screws one after another into the counterclockwise direction and loosen them all. After removing the screws, pull the refrigerator back panel carefully and set it aside. Remember to do the following:

(a) Keep all the screws in a small container or bowl to avoid losing them.

(b) Many drip trays’ located in the rear of refrigerators might take time to be removed, so you need patience all the way.

Step 4 – Consider Popping Off The Kick Panel Below Your Refrigerator ( Do This If Your Drip Tray Is In The Front)

First, open the fridge doors to access the top of your kick panel. This kick panel is probably a slotted grate below your fridge. Slowly slide a putty knife between the kick panel and refrigerator to pop it off. Once one side of the kick panel is popped out, pull it wholly from the refrigerator and set it aside.
Step 5 – Carefully Try Pulling On The Drip Panel And See It Come Out From Your Fridge.

Dusty line leading to drip pan

Look inside the kick panel and back panel to find your drip tray, which should have a small rectangular tray look. Hold the drip tray using both your hands and attempt to pull it out without tilting it over. If you notice it is coming out, then pull it out slowly from the refrigerator.

If you note that you are experiencing a hard time and the drip tray is not even movable, know that you cannot remove it. Also, when you find heating coils on top of your drip tray, this means it is non-removable, so you have to clean it while in its place. Wear gloves if you want, but not needed.

Step 6 – Empty Your Drip Tray If It Has Water And Wipe It Using A Bleaching Solution

The heat from inside the refrigerator causes the water in your drip tray to evaporate. Pour all the remaining water down into the sink drain. Mix warm water with bleach agent in a clean spray container and shake until it completely mixes up. Spray the drip tray’s whole surface and allow the bleaching solution to sit on it for about 3 and 4 minutes. Spray the extra solution on any mildew or mold you see accumulating up on the drip tray to disinfect and loosen it.

Step 7 – Scrub And Rinse Your Drip Tray Using Warm Water

person cleaning surface with spray cleaner, gloved hand, and soft rag

Scrub every part of the drip tray to break all built-up residue. You may use paper towels. Hold the drip pan under the faucet and let the warm water run over it. Rinse every part of it and use a sponge or rag to remove any remaining residue on the surface.

Step 8 – Dry Your Drip Tray And Reinstall It Back

Use a clean paper towel or cleaning towel and wipe the tray dry. Ensure it completely dry before reinstalling it. You can also allow it to dry for about 30 minutes and then slide it back into the refrigerator. Remember to replace the panels.

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