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Can You Put Meat in a Garbage Disposal

Meat being sliced on a cutting board

You can but why would you? Meat is very expensive these days and tossing out good meat is just a simple waste of money and should not be done at any time. However, there are those times where you may have forgotten about a piece of meat somewhere and it spoiled on you.

When you have rotten meat on your hands it is possible to toss it down the garbage disposal. But this is not always a good idea as meat may not be ground up too well. Large chunks of meat may not get ground up and will eventually clog your disposal or the drain further down the line.

Cubes of raw beef on a white background

Smaller pieces should be okay but like orange and lemon peels, do not put a lot of pieces at the same time. Go slowly and put a little in and do not add more until the previous pieces have been flushed down the drain.

Also, before you put those pieces inside the disposal, make sure to remove them from any bones they are attached to. It is a big no-no to add bones to your disposal. The reason why you avoid putting meat into the disposal is that the stringy fibers can get caught in the blades.

Person with a large knife removing meat from a bone

Once that happens, the blades and the openings get clogged up and cannot function normally. The one exception to all of this is raw meat. This stage of the meat process does not have those fibers or grease particles to worry about.

But you still have to cut the raw meat up into tiny pieces so that the blades will make short work of the pieces and the water can flush them easily. The only other way to dispose of raw meat, other than giving it to your dog or cat, is to put it in a plastic sealable bag and toss it in the trash.

The smaller plastic bag keeps the meat aroma from attracting unwanted animals to your trash can.

Some Final Words

White kitchen sink with vegetable peels stuffed in the drain

They are easy to use but you do have to be careful in handling them. Then if you have spoiled or unused meat that needs to go to the trash, the way to avoid clogs is to cut those portions into small pieces and put them through your disposal.

Or just toss them into the trash. It is up to you how you handle both issues.

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