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Can You Put Bones in a Garbage Disposal

Raw beef bones cut into rounds and sitting on a cutting board

Some smaller chicken bones or fish bones may be okay but you really shouldn’t make a practice of it. One set of bones you should never put into your garbage disposal are animal bones.

Animal bones are strong, tough, and hard to break making them the enemy of the disposal’s blades. The same two reasons from the previous section apply here as to why you should never do this.

Fish bones, including head, sitting on a white dinner plate

First, the smaller bones may dull the blades so much that they are useless for any type of food item you toss into the garbage disposal. Second, both small and big animal bones can break the blades.

You really do not want to know the cost of replacing the blades or buying a new disposal. Your budget may not handle the extra and unnecessary expenses. Also, the bones may clog up your drain if some of the pieces slip through the disposal.

woman plunging kitchen sink

That experience is about as much fin as repairing or replacing the garbage disposal. You may even ruin the drain pipe if this happens. That is more costly to repair than the disposal.

The way to get rid of animal bones will be by throwing them into the trash or giving them to your dog to chew on. You can try composting them but bones do take a long time to decompose so it may not be worth the effort.

Some Final Words

Chicken bones being held into 2 cupped hands on a black background

Protect your garbage disposal at all costs. It is an expensive kitchen appliance that saves you a lot of work. if you break it you are on the hook to pay for another one and that may rob you of some entertainment dollars.

The best thing to do is to avoid using your disposal to get rid of any type of bone. Use the alternative methods so you can save money, help your garden or keep your pet’s teeth nice and clean.

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