Can You Put Shrimp Shells in a Garbage Disposal?

Red, cooked shrimp in shells

Shrimp is nutritious, that is what all the health experts are saying. Then at the right times, it can be an inexpensive meal to serve as a treat for your family. Or put some in your pasta or on your pizza to spice up those family favorites.

No matter how you serve shrimp, you do not eat the shells. What is the best way to get rid of empty shrimp shells? Keep reading to find out if it is safe to put them in your disposal or not. Our article has the information you need to dispose of these shells once they are separated from the shrimp.

Can You Put Shrimp Shell in Your Garbage Disposal?

Hands using scissors to cut the shell from a large shrimp

No, it is not a good way to dispose of those remains. Most shells are too tough for the garbage disposal. Even though shrimps are small and their shells not as tough as clams or oysters, it is still not a good idea to use your disposal to get rid of them.

There are some very good reasons why you should not use your disposal to flush them down the drain:

  1. Most disposals won’t grind all the shells. Some larger pieces will remain and possibly clog your disposal or drain.
  2. The shells are still hard enough to cause some damage to your disposal’s blades.
  3. Leaves behind a bad odor when they are gone. That is something you do not want to smell two days after you had that shrimp dinner.
  4. They can and will help clog your drain. It just takes the right combination of shells and other items to create that clog.

How to Get Rid of Shrimp Shells

Hand putting scraps into a kitchen garbage can.

It is possible to put a little amount of shrimp shells in your disposal but why take the risk? It is better to use an alternative disposal method than to break an expensive kitchen appliance.

The trash can is the best method and like other fragrant food items, it is best to wrap those shells up in a plastic bag and seal that bag tightly. Then take that bag to your outside garbage to remove any temptation from your pets to go and investigate.

Some Final Words

Red shrimp, on ice with the head and shell still attached

Even shrimp tails are hard to get rid of as they are said to not decompose. They also can leave a bad odor so make sure you put them in a sealable plastic bag and get rid of them through your trash collection system.

It is the best way to dispose of those food remains.

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