Can You Put Ground Beef in a Garbage Disposal

Ground beef in a tray on a wooden table

Leftover food is never any fun. Sometimes your family and guests do not eat everything you prepared. Then you have no room left in your fridge to store the leftovers to use another day. The idea of putting those food items into your garbage disposal is a tempting thought.

The question to be answered is ‘should you put ground beef into your disposal? To find out the answer just continue to read our article. It provides that answer and other information to help you use your disposal in the right manner.

Can You Put Ground Beef Down Your Garbage Disposal

Ground beef in a black tray on a white background

The biggest problem with this cut of meat will be grease. While it is not dangerous to put the meat down the disposal, any grease that goes with it may clog up your appliance or drain. The grease can stick to the sides of the blades causing other issues as well.

Some people will say not to put meat, any meat down your garbage disposal but cooked meat should be okay. Most of the grease will be gone and the cooked meat should not stick to the blades, the side of the disposal or your drain.

Raw meat is another issue, and you should not put raw meat down the drain. It will cause you problems and those are problems you should avoid. If you are pouring grease down with the ground beef, make sure to be running hot water at the same time and leave that hot water running for a few minutes.

You want to make sure all the grease makes it to the sewer and does not solidify in your drain somewhere.

How Do I Unclog My Garbage Disposal

Person using plunger on a kitchen sink drain

This is a common question as over time garbage disposals do get jammed with food and other items. The first thing you need to do is either unplug the garbage disposal from its outlet or the safest option is to turn the power off at the breaker.

Then either use tools or your hands to remove those items causing the clog. The latter is not the most recommended method but if you have no tools to use, you are stuck using your hands. Once you are done, plug the disposal back in and use it as you normally would.

Some Final Words

A stainless steel kitchen sink with a dish of raw vegetables on the counter next to it

Be careful what food items you toss into your disposal. Even though the food item seems safe to you, your garbage disposal will have a different opinion. In the end, you may end up clogging the disposal, damaging it or your drain.

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