How to Clean Grease off Patio Pavers

person pressure washing a brick paver driveway

Patio Pavers add a nice touch. When you are wanting to upgrade your backyard or other areas around your home, patio pavers are a good material to turn to. They are strong, handle foot and bike traffic very well. Plus, they endure the treatment that pets give them.

Besides the weather, unsealed pavers have a problem with grease. You should not let any grease stay on these pavers for long. The grease stains can ruin the look and integrity of these stones.

To learn how to remove grease stains just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know to get those patio pavers looking good again.

How to Clean Grease off Patio Pavers

person scrubbing brick pavers with a scrub brush and using a Pink bucket of soapy water

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Supplies

The first step in any cleaning process is to make sure you have the right supplies to do a good cleaning job. What you will need for this task are the following items:

Step 2: Clean Up the Fresh Oil

oil leaking from a car onto brick pavers.

This is important to do first as it cuts down on any other work that comes with cleaning up deep grease stains. Use the rags or paper towels to soak up as much grease as possible.

Step 3: Spread the Kitty Litter Over the Remaining Oil or Grease

Kitty litter bottle with kitty litter spilled on the ground.

You may want to buy a big bag to have for the next time you do this task. If you barbecue a lot, there will be the next time. Let the kitty litter sit for several hours. Instead of kitty litter, you can use any oil-absorbing powder material.

Step 4: Sweep Up the Litter

This is the next step. After waiting several hours, you should get a good broom with stiff, but not wire, bristles. You want to sweep up and throw away the litter, not scratch the patio pavers.

Step 5: Add Some Soap and Water

Before adding any soap, make sure to rinse the pavers very well. Use your hose but you can also use a bucket if you want. The key is to get any leftover kitty litter off the area and make sure there is water left behind for the soap.

Once the pavers are wet, spread the detergent over the greasy area. A good grease cutter soap may be beneficial at this point. Let the soap sit for 20 to 30 minutes before taking another good brush, again not wire, and scrub the area.

If you do not have any detergent you can spare, then you can use baking soda as a replacement.

Step 6: Final Rinse

person pressure washing red brick pavers

This last step has you using your hose again and washing the soap and previous water off the pavers. You can use a pressure washer but if you use too much pressure, you could damage the pavers.

Once you have got all the soap away, let the patio pavers dry. This is a good project to start in the morning and finish by the afternoon. It takes a lot of soaking time to get these patio pavers clean.

How to Prevent Grease Stains on Patio Pavers

orange, black, and tan brick paver driveway surrounded by green grass

There is only one good way to achieve this objective. Not it is not banning cooking outside or keeping your car or motorcycle off the patio. The best and only way to prevent these stains from taking place is to seal the pavers.

A water-based sealant is the best option as it keeps those stones nice and smooth which in turn makes them easier to clean. Here are other reasons why you should seal your patio pavers:

1. It Protects Them

close up of square brick patio pavers

Not just from grease but from water and the elements. When you live in a cold-weather area, unfrozen water can get into or around the pavers. Then when the cold weather freezes that water, the water expands and can crack the patio pavers. A little protection will save you on replacement costs.

2. Sealer Gives the Pavers a Good Look

Brick paver driveway in a chevron pattern

That is one reason you went to patio pavers. You want your property to look really good and these stones can help. The sealer then makes the stones look good boosting your property’s value up a little bit.

3. The Sealer Makes Them Stronger

Patio paver driveway made of large grey square pavers and surrounded by shrubs

That is also a positive aspect as the longer the pavers last the less you have to spend on replacing them. Also, the good looks remain longer.

On top of that, the sealer helps stop weeds and moss from growing between the stones. That cuts down on your workload while maintaining a good look.

Some Final Words

Making your property look good takes a little work. Then to keep it looking good takes a little more work. But once that grease is off those patio pavers, you will be rewarded with a nice look at your property.

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