How to Clean Grease off Hardwood Floors

Hand on cloth, rubbing hardwood floor to remove grease

Hardwood floors are elegant. They add a sophisticated look to just about any home. Even marble floors have a hard time competing with the look and stature of a hardwood floor. That fine elegant look is very difficult to match

However, that beautiful look can be marred when you let grease get all over your nice hardwood floors. It takes work keeping that beautiful look and grease can waste all that hard work in just seconds.

To learn how to prevent grease from ruining the look your home has, just keep reading our article. It lets you know how to clean grease off of this type of flooring without damaging the wood.

How to Clean Grease off Hardwood Floors

No matter which method you try, you have to be careful about how you use hardwood floors, and their finish are not impervious to damage. So be careful when applying these methods to clean the grease off your nice floors.

1. Vinegar and Water

Liquid in a measuring cup on a wooden surface with ivy in the background.

These are two liquids that can cause some damage to your floors. When you mix the two make sure the vinegar is well diluted so that it does not take the finish off. A one-to-one ratio is recommended but you can go a bit heavier on the water if you like.

The key is to not let the mixture sit on your floor for too long. It can seep down and cause some problems without you knowing about it. Also, always use clean cloths when applying and cleaning up this solution.

2. Water and Grease-Fighting Dishwashing Liquid

White bottle of dish soap with a green cap on a white counter, in a white kitchen, with white fixtures.

You have to have that grease fighting formula or the dish soap may not be that effective on those grease stains. Mix the two in a bowl and do some spot cleaning with a sponge.

You can leave the solution on your floor for about 5 minutes but not longer than that. Be careful about putting any liquid near the joints. The finish may not have seeped in very well and that is your key area for water damage to occur.

3. Baking Soda

Spoon stirring baking soda on a wooden surface

Fortunately, grease stains do not cover your floor completely. If they did, you would be paying for a whole new floor or refinishing job. When you have grease stains, you can sprinkle enough baking soda over them to start the cleaning process.

Let the baking soda sit on the stain for about an hour. Then get some warm soapy water in a bowl and use a sponge to clean up the baking soda. Rub gently and make sure to get all the baking soda without leaving moisture behind.

It might be a good idea to have a dry towel handy to wipe up any excess moisture before it becomes a problem.

5. Commercial Degreaser

Commercial cleaning products with a bucket, rags and sponge, on a hardwood floor with a window and wallpapered wall in the background.

This is a very good product to use when you see grease stains on your hardwood floors. However, you should not use just any degreaser product. You want one made to work on hardwood floors (if possible).

Follow the instructions on the can but do not leave the degreaser lying there for longer than 10 minutes.

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Hand pushing a peach colored cloth across hardwood floors

The first step in this process is to try and avoid having any greasy item walk over or enter your nice rooms. Prevention is 9/10s of cleaning and keeping greasy items out of those rooms with hardwood floors is an important step to take.

But if your situation calls for greasy items to enter those rooms, make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they happen. This will prevent grease stains and help keep your hardwood floors from risk.

Then, you should learn how to clean your hardwood floors correctly. You cannot use too much moisture or liquid products as the joints are the floor’s weakest link. The finish may withstand the liquid but if the joints weren’t sealed, then you will begin the process that damages your flooring material.

To help prevent that damage, you should use a polish regularly that will help seal the wood and the joints. This is your first line of defense against liquid and grease spills. Also, put on furniture pads to protect those floors.

Furniture feet can cause scratches and other damage that will open up your floor to more destructive forces. Those feet will cut through your finish ruining your floor’s protection.

Maintaining your hardwood floor is the best way to protect it from grease and the liquid cleaners you need to use to wipe up that grease mess.

Some Final Words

White walled, furnished great room / kitchen with dark hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful, elegant and add a sophisticated atmosphere to any room. They are also expensive to repair and refinish. It is best to protect your hardwood floors by using the right cleaners and avoid letting grease get into those rooms that have these types of flooring material.

That way you can enjoy those floors for a very long time.

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