Can You Put Raw Meat in a Garbage Disposal

Variety of raw meat on a wooden table

It is tough to waste moneybut that is what happens when there are meat leftovers or raw meat that has spoiled. There is nothing you can do about it. This situation will happen from time to time and getting rid of spoiled meat can be tricky.

The smell may attract different neighborhood animals you wish would stay in their own yards. That may be the reason many people look to their garbage disposal to get rid of raw meat.

Is it okay to put raw meat into the disposal? Keep reading to find out.

Is it Safe to Put Raw Meat in Your Garbage Disposal?

Meat trays lined up in rows full of raw meat

It is said that raw meat is not as fibrous as cooked meat. Plus, raw meat does not have all that grease and fat attached to it as cooked meat does. That texture is the difference in what you do with your spoiled raw meat.

Yes, you could put it in your trash can but unless you wrap it well, the odor will send out signals to the different animals in the neighborhood. Soon you will have a small congregation looking to get at that meat.

The good news here is that it is okay to put raw meat down your disposal. Just cut it up into small pieces as most disposals cannot handle large chunks. Just make sure to remove all the plastic and Styrofoam packaging before you attempt this.

The garbage disposal will make short work of the raw meat and save you from that animal invasion that could happen when you toss it in the trash.

Oh, and before we forget, do not throw the skin from raw meat into your disposal. That food item is another story, and it does not do your garbage disposal any favors.

How to Dispose of Raw Meat

Hand pulling a package of meat from a freezer

If you do not have a disposal in your home, here are some steps to take to get rid of it the traditional way:

1. Use Latex Gloves – This will protect you from any bacteria that is on the meat. If you do not use gloves make sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before doing the next steps.

2. Leave it in the Packaging – This cuts down the handling of raw meat.

3. Don’t Let it Sit Around – Wrap it in a plastic bag and seal it tight. Then take it to your outside trash bin, toss it in and close the lid tightly.

4. Summertime – When it is hot out, that meat will spoil even more rapidly and give off that foul odor. Before throwing it out, freeze it and then toss it out on garbage day. That will help keep animals away.

Some Final Words

Variety of raw meats on cutting boards, in pans, and in packaging, on a white surface

Throwing out raw meat is never fun, especially when you paid a lot of money for it. But when the meat spoils it must be done. Your disposal is just one option you have to get rid of that spoiled meat.

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