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Can You Put Macaroni in a Garbage Disposal

Uncooked macaroni noodles in a wooden bowl on a wooden table

They Are Unsung Heroes

That is a title many people may use when speaking about their garbage disposals. These kitchen appliances help you get rid of leftover food items and they do it quickly. No matter where the food is found, they will get rid of it for you.

However, these heroes are like superheroes, and they do have a few vulnerabilities that stop them, from doing their jobs. To find out if macaroni is one of those food items that work against garbage disposal, keep reading our article. It has the information you should know.

Is it Safe to Put Macaroni in Your Garbage Disposal?

Stainless steel pot with burned on macaroni in the bottom in sink with a garbage disposal

Macaroni is pasta and the main trait of this food item, besides tasting very good when prepared right, is that it does not mix well with water. Put some macaroni near or in water and it will expand on you. Just like all pasta does.

This is not a good trait for garbage disposals. Also, the macaroni will expand no matter what temperature the water is at. Then, because macaroni is soft, it can get tangled up in the blades or expand enough to block your drain. There is only so much room in your drain and clogging is a real possibility when you dump macaroni through your disposal.

The best way to get rid of uneaten macaroni is to toss it in the trash, serve it again for another meal or simply let your dog eat it. That is if there is nothing harmful to your pet in your recipe.

How to Clean a Macaroni Clog

Stainless steel sink with water running from faucet

You may have read this article too late as you may have already called a plumber. There are methods you can use to clear the macaroni clog without spending a lot of money. You have the ingredients in your kitchen already.

1. Hot Water & Dishwashing Soap – Just start your hot water and let it run from the tap for a few minutes. Then slowly pour 1 to 2 gallons of boiling hot water down the drain along with about 1/4 cup of soap. Then let the hot water tap run again.

2. Vinegar & Baking Soda – Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your drain first, followed immediately by a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Close the drain right away so you do not get splashed with carbonic acid. Wait about 15 minutes then flush with water.

Some Final Words

Close up of  macaroni and cheese with bread crumbs on top in a cast iron dish with a spoon in the macaroni

It is best to keep the garbage disposal free of macaroni. Dumping it down through your disposal is only asking for trouble.

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