Can You Put Noodles in a Garbage Disposal

Wooden spoons full of different types of dried pasta

There are some interesting meals you can make with noodles. They are delicious, eye-appealing, and can be unique when you put your own spin to the recipe. Plus, noodles in a variety of forms are family favorites so you know your kids will be happy when you serve them the noodles.

However, what are you to do with any leftovers? You could reserve them but that is not always a fan favorite. Or you can toss the noodles down your garbage disposal and get rid of them. To find the right answer, just continue reading our article.

Is it Safe to Put Noodles in Your Garbage Disposal?

Spaghetti noodles being dropped into a pot of boiling water

Unfortunately, noodles are pasta. When pasta meets water, they expand. Noodles are no different. Depending on their size and design, some noodles can wrap around your disposal’s blades and start making that kitchen appliance work harder or worse.

Then, those expanded noodles, if they make it to drain, can also clog up your drainpipes and provide you with a new mess to clean up. Either way, you are going to be in a bad situation. It is best to not throw noodles into your garbage disposal.

Remember, pasta can absorb water no matter how hot or cold that water is. In this case, expansion is not a good thing. Nor are long spaghetti noodles that can easily wrap around those blades and ruin the disposal.

How to Get Rid of Noodles

Colander with spaghetti noodles on a wooden table.

When you are cleaning up and have a bunch of wet noodles in the pot, put a colander or strainer over the drain and dump the noodles inside. The strainer will prevent the noodles from accidentally falling into your disposal and separate them from the water for easy disposal in your trash can.

Another method of disposal that works is throwing the noodles into your compost pile or box. This option may take a little time to get rid of the noodles but at least you are recycling them and putting them to good use once the soil is ready for your garden.

Some Final Words

spaghetti bolognese on a black plate on a wooden table

The key to throwing away noodles is to remember that they are part of the pasta family and pasta expands. These two facts should guide you in how you dispose of those great-tasting food items.

Just make sure to toss them in your outside trash can before those noodles start to smell up your kitchen.

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