Can You Put Raw Chicken in a Garbage Disposal?

3 cuts of raw chicken on cutting boards

This is an inexpensive way to eat. There are hundreds of great recipes that help you prepare a good-tasting meal in a jiffy. They all have one thing in common- chicken is the main ingredient. Chicken is inexpensive and it tastes great making it an ideal food to serve at any time.

The question though is what to do with the raw chicken remains? Putting them down the disposal is most people’s go-to thought but is that a good idea? To get the answer to this question, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about.

Is it Okay to Put Raw Chicken Down Your Disposal?

Boneless skinless chicken breast in a sink next to the drain

Disposing of raw chicken through your garbage disposal is not a good idea. Especially when there are bones still attached to that raw meat. The first reason you should not do this is the skin.

The raw skin is too soft for the blades to chew up and it can wrap around those blades quite easily. When it does do that, your blades will not work efficiently, and the disposal’s motor may overheat due to the extra work it has to do.

Then that raw skin may be able to slip past the blades without doing that damage but somewhere along the drain line, it can and will stop. When that happens, it will stop other food items, etc., and create a nice clog.

Then there are the bones. Putting them into your disposal is never a good idea. Even if they have been cooked soft, bones and garbage disposals do not get along. The only exception is fish bones.

How to Get Rid of Raw Chicken Easily

An open, full garbage can in a kitchen

The best way and probably the only way to get rid of raw chicken is to wrap it up nice and tight in a plastic bag. This will keep the odor from attracting other animals to your yard. Then toss the raw chicken into your garbage can outside.

There are too many bacteria in raw chicken to feed to your dog or even strays.

Some Final Words

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts on a cutting board with a few peppercorns and sprigs of mint

Raw chicken is never a food item to mess with. It can go bad very quickly and that can have some short-term health effects when consumed by pets or cooked afterwards. It is best to just trash the raw chicken and avoid trouble with your garbage disposal.

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