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Can You Put Chicken Bones in a Garbage Disposal

Fried chicken bones on a white dinner plate on a wooden table

The only people who like bones are dogs. They clean their teeth, get healthy bone marrow and other nutrients from the meat left on those bones. Plus, dogs are a great bone disposal unit making short work of those delicious items.

However, there is one appliance that does not like bones and that is your garbage disposal. Those hard bones may cause a lot of damage to the unit. To find out if you can throw any bones into the disposal just continue to read our article.

It has the information you need to know about, so you do not damage your handy kitchen appliance.

Can You Put Chicken Bones in a Garbage Disposal

Chicken bone on a shiny black background.

Even though chicken bones are not as solid or as strong as regular meat bones, it is still not advisable to place chicken bones in your disposal. There are two very good reasons for following that advice.

The first reason is that you could dull the garbage disposal’s blades. Bones and metal blades do not get along unless they are super industrial type blades. The blades inside your disposal are not as strong as that.

They can lose their edge very quickly when they have to chew up those chicken bones. The second reason is that since garbage disposal blades are not that strong you run the risk of breaking those blades.

Person wearing gloves on hands attaching hoses to a new garbage disposal on a kitchen counter top

When that happens, you can try to replace them, but your best alternative would be to buy a new garbage disposal. Either option can get a little spendy especially if you hire a professional plumber to handle the repairs or replacement.

But what can be done with those old chicken bones? Unless your dog is very large, you should not let your pet eat them. These smaller bones can break very easily and lodge inside your dog’s throat causing them to choke or worse.

One of the best options you have is to merely throw them into the trash can. Make sure it is the outside can or your dog’s super-smelling nose may tempt them by picking up the odor and have your pet digging into the kitchen trash can. That will be some mess to clean up

Arm holding black garbage bag full of trash over a blue outdoor trash can

The second option, if you are a gardener, is to compost them. Composting is a great way to get nutrients into the soil and make it a healthy source for your plants to feed on.

Or simply bury them deep enough so your dog doesn’t smell them, and your plants can feed off the disintegrating bones over time. Composting bones can take a long time so this may be the better method to use.

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