Can You Put Chicken Skin in a Garbage Disposal

hand holding back the sking on a chicken leg quarter while it is being cut away with a knife.

People get confused. The term ‘garbage’ seems to throw people off and lead them into thinking their garbage disposal is for all garbage. Nothing could be further from the truth. The term garbage is misleading as there are many items that you absolutely cannot put through your garbage disposal.

But it is hard to name this handy kitchen appliance anything else that conveys the proper purpose of this disposal system. To find out if chicken skin is an approved piece of garbage to throw down the disposal, keep on reading our article.

It has the information you want to know about.

Garbage Disposals and Chicken Skin

hand holding plug to a stainless steel kitchen sink with a garbage disposal drain.

It is safe to say that the latter should not be put into the former. While you want to reduce your fat intake, your garbage disposal does not need an increase in fat either. Chicken skin is a fatty item, and it can cause problems for both you and your disposal.

The biggest issue will be in clogging either the disposal or the drain. If the chicken skin pieces are too large, then they may not get chewed up that well by the disposal’s blades. That means large chunks of chicken skin will go down the drain and find a lodging spot.

Once that happens, you may experience a slower-moving drain or a clog that is hard to reach. Either way, you will have to take the time and possibly spend some money clearing the clog.

Another danger in throwing the chicken skin down the disposal’s chute is that the ground of chicken skin can get lodged inside your disposal and start to rot. That is not a good odor to take in when it reaches your kitchen.

Along with the odor, you will get lots of germs or bacteria forming. These germs can spread without you knowing about them. That poses a health risk if you do not clean your disposal regularly.

Some Final Words

a whole, raw chicken on a cutting board surrounded by herbs and spices

When it comes to chicken skin, use the trash can or your compost pile. These are better disposal methods than your garbage disposal. Also, when you use the traditional methods of getting rid of garbage, you do not have to worry about doing harm to your sink, drain, disposal, or family.

These solutions may be old-fashioned but old-fashioned is often the best option.

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