Can You Put Green Beans in a Garbage Disposal

Fresh greenbeans on a wooden cutting board

Green beans have been a healthy vegetable dish to serve at dinner time for centuries and no doubt they are good for you. When made right they taste delicious and go a long way in helping your children grow strong bodies.

But are green beans healthy for your garbage disposal? That is a good question. To find out the answer, just continue reading our article. It provides the information you need to know about along with some other important facts.

Can You Put Green Beans into Your Disposal

Fresh cut greenbeans on a white background

When in doubt about which vegetables are allowed to be put into your disposal, here is a good question ask yourself: ‘Is it a fibrous vegetable or not?’ If the answer is yes, it is fibrous then do not put it into your disposal.

If your answer is no, it isn’t, then it is okay for you to put that vegetable into your disposal. Although rinds, peels, cores, etc., may not be fibrous, they should not be put into your disposal.

Our research has shown that green beans are not on any do not put in your disposal list. That means it should be safe to dispose of that vegetable through that appliance. Just make sure to have the water running so the chopped-up green beans can make it through the drain safely and without stopping.

What Garbage Disposal to Buy

Man installing new garbage disposal under sink

It is tempting to save money and buy the cheapest model you can find. However, buying the least expensive model may not save you money over the long term. That is because they do not handle a lot of food wastes, nor are they built with top-quality materials. They can break down easily.

The best thing to do for your home is to buy a model that produces at least 1 HP of power. Not only can you through more items into the disposal without worry but they are also built tougher and should not break down as fast (under normal use).

In this case, less is not more and the more power you have, the less stress you will experience when it comes time to clean up the dinner meal.

Some Final Words

Fresh green beans on the vine

Green beans do not seem to create any problems when you want to dispose of them through your garbage disposal. They should be chewed up fast and washed down the drain quickly.

But to make sure you do not have any worries, buy a more powerful disposal. These units handle more food items including some bones. They will make your disposal time much more enjoyable because you have fewer worries.

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