Can You Put Watermelon Seeds in a Garbage Disposal

Small bowl overflowing with watermelon seeds

It is a Tasty Dessert

Cold watermelon on a hot day is very refreshing and as a bonus, it is very healthy for you. There is nothing like having cold watermelon after a hard day at work or after you have finished exercising.

But when you have finished eating, you have a problem with those seeds. What are you going to do with them? To find out the answer to this question just continue to read our article. it provides the answer and some other pertinent information concerning garbage disposals.

Can You Put Watermelon Seeds in Your Disposal

Close up of watermelon sliced in wedges

This is not a good idea. These seeds can be very hard and too tough for your disposal’s blades to handle. The only exception to this rule would be if you had more powerful disposal under your sink.

The typical household garbage disposal produces about 1/2 HP and that is too weak for most food items including watermelon seeds. If you do not have a compost pile and do not like handling the leftover rind and seeds, you should upgrade to a 3/4 or 1 HP disposal.

The higher power will let you toss those watermelon seeds and other leftover parts into your sink and flush them through your disposal. Just make sure to cut the rind up into smaller pieces.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Gloved hand putting drain plug in garbage disposal drain.

1. Do Not Sharpen the Blades – It is common knowledge that people try to sharpen their blades using ice or eggshells. This is not a good idea as those blades are not like the edge of a knife. Instead, they are blunt and do not need sharpening.

2. Keep the Motor Running- let the motor run until you know that all the food items have been flushed down the drain. Then after turning the disposal off, let the water run for about 15 to 20seconds more to make sure those food items have made it through your drain system

3. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals – At cleaning time it is better to go with natural cleansers than commercial ones. The harsh chemicals inside those commercial cleansers can damage the inner mechanisms running your disposal. When that happens, you will have to repair or replace the appliance.

4. Use Moderation – Do not overfill the disposal but put the food items in a little at a time. Too much food and you risk burning the disposal out.

Some Final Words

Watermelon rind with seeds forming the rest of the watermelon slice on a white plate

Use the trash to get rid of those watermelon seeds when your disposal is underpowered. That way the appliance will last a long time and provide some relief from your clean-up duties.

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