Can You Put Rice in a Garbage Disposal

Bowl of rice with parsley sitting on a white table

There is an old wives’ tale that says after eating Chinese food, two hours later you will be hungry again. Maybe that is due to all the rice used to make that great-tasting Chinese take-out meal you just had.

There is a lot of it when you have finished with some of the other food items that came with your order. The problem is, what to do with the leftover rice that no one is going to eat?

To get the answer to that question, just continue reading our article. It has that information and more.

Is it Safe to Put Rice in Your Garbage Disposal?

uncooked rice being washed over a kitchen sink

Starchy foods have a couple of negative characteristics to them. When combined with water, they can expand and over time, they can become mush. Either characteristic is not good for your disposal or your drain.

The rice can expand or turn into mush and clog up the blades as well as those key drainpipe points. When that happens, you will be spending a lot of time, clearing those clogs and cleaning the garbage disposal.

That is not a good use of your time and energy. You have better things to do than tend to clogs that could have been avoided if you had used proper disposal methods instead of your garbage disposal.

Of and when the rice turns to mush, it is very difficult to flush that mush with water. It is only okay to put rice into disposal if you are only throwing one or two grains at a time and there is a long gap between throwing them inside.

How to Dispose of Rice

Small bird in a rice field eating wild rice

The good news is that rice does not create a foul odor when tossed in the trash. It is not like other food items that do that which makes throwing old rice inside your kitchen trash can an ideal method to use.

You can throw it outside and let the birds eat it. Uncooked or cooked rice will not end up swelling in their stomachs and cause the birds to explode. Anyone telling you otherwise is repeating an urban myth that has no foundation in fact. Birds do eat wild rice.

Or you can just bury the old rice as it is bio-degradable and will return nutrients to your soil.

Some Final Words

Bowl of uncooked rices resting on top of a pile of uncooked rice, surrounded by rice stalks

If you have thrown rice into your disposal and it clogged the system, there is one handy trick to use. Pour some baking soda into the drain and follow that with some vinegar. Cover the sink drain hole and let the combination work for a while.

But to avoid that situation, use your trash can instead.

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