Can You Put Coffee Grounds in a Garbage Disposal

Coffee groumds and coffee beans in a wooden bowl spilling out onto a table.

You are probably already trained.It happens in many homes, where people are so accustomed to throwing just about anything and everything into their garbage disposal. It is amazing what plumbers find in the disposal and the drainpipes when they are called in to make disposal repairs or replacements.

It is possible that you do not even give what you are throwing into your sink a second thought. It is just second nature to toss leftovers, bones, and other items down the sink and let the disposal take care of it all.

Should you do this with coffee grounds? Keep reading to find out the answer as the solution may surprise you.

Should You Put Coffee Grounds Down the Disposal

Coffee grounds in a filter sitting in a kitchen sink

It is a tempting thought as coffee grounds are already ground up into little pieces. You did that yourself when you ground up your whole coffee beans to make the coffee. or the manufacturer did it for you when they ground up coffee beans for sale.

There is no need to place coffee grounds into your garbage disposal. The grounds are small enough as it is and do not need further grinding. But the answer is, yes, it is okay to put coffee grounds in your disposal.

But there is one caveat to this solution, you should not pour too many in at one time. Like other food items, moderation or less is the best way to pour your grounds into the disposal.

The only reason you should place coffee grounds in your disposal is to cover the garbage odor that comes from your sink after several uses.

How to Best Dispose of Coffee Grounds

Person sprinkling coffee grounds around the base of a plant

Dumping leftover food items down the drain seems like a simple solution. And it is if you do not have a great garbage pick up service or a garden. But putting the coffee grounds inside a garbage bag is about as much work as putting them down your sink drain. You also save on water use by placing the grounds in the garbage.

However, there is an even better way to dispose of your coffee grounds. Add them around the base of your plants or into your compost pile. These grounds contain nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. 3 minerals your plants need to grow big and healthy.

These are better solutions than using your garbage disposal. Once in your disposal, the coffee grounds can bind together and form blocks that keep your drain from draining.

Some Final Words

Wooden bowl full of damp coffee grounds with a wooden spoon on top with whole coffee beans in the background

It is best to be safe rather than sorry so dispose of those coffee grounds in alternative methods other than using your disposal. You will have healthier plants and a clear drain if you do.

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