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What is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner

Woman scrubbing kitchen drawers and cabinets with a spray bottle and rag

Most of these kitchen cabinets are made from some sort of wood material. That makes cleaning them a bit tricky. You want to use a good liquid cleaner as too much water can damage the finish or the construction.

There are tricks you can use to get those cabinets clean without damaging them. To learn those tricks, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more. Getting your kitchen clean is essential to have a healthy family and great tasting food.

Maintaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

Close up of kitchen cabinets with a drawer open

After installing your new cabinets you do need to do some maintenance work. How much work you do depends on how frequently you clean your kitchen. Grease does build up even on cabinets and to avoid a big grease cleaning, you should wipe your cabinets with a damp cloth every day.

Use warm to hot water and a separate dry cloth to wipe away any excess moisture before it causes any damage. If you set up a regular cleaning schedule, you can avoid the hard work. Once every two weeks is a good schedule to follow.

Keep in mind that water alone cannot remove grease so plan on using a good cabinet cleaner that cuts grease and removes it. One cleaning product to avoid is bleach. This is a harsh chemical that can ruin the finish on your cabinets if you are not careful.

Also, try to stay away from those cleaners that contain harsh chemical ingredients or petroleum products. These products include those cleaners that are ammonia-based, solvents, nail polish remover and paint thinners.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners

Close up of a variety of different colored spray bottles

Cleaners are not all the same. They come with different ingredients and have a different focus. What that means is that they have different types of dirt, grease, and grime they target and remove. Here are the different types of cleaners you can use:

  1. Detergents- Petroleum-based for the most part and these are the most common cleaning product used in homes today. You can find them in liquid, powder, paste and gel formats.
  2. Degreasers- These can be called solvent cleaners and they can be very powerful. Too powerful for kitchen cabinets. Their purpose is to remove the grease that builds up on your cabinets, appliances, and other items in your kitchen.
  3. Abrasives- These products are for heavy-duty and deep cleaning. You usually use them when you have a lot of scrubbing to do. These cleaners are designed more for metal pots and pans, but some stains need extra help to get rid of them. They do scratch if you are not careful.
  4. Acids- While the most effective of all cleaners on this list, you must be careful when using these products on your cabinets. They can do more damage than they help especially if you do not carefully follow all the instructions.

Compare products, read the labels and instructions then pick the best option for your kitchen situation. You may need to pick up more than one if you want specific cleaners for specific stains and grease build-up.

Some Final Words

Grey, farmhouse style kitchen cabinets

Finding the best kitchen cabinet cleaner is a matter of time and a little reading. Read the reviews, check the labels and look at the cost. The best is not always the most expensive.

The cleaner you pick will also depend on the type of wood material your cabinets are made from. Make sure that the cleaner you like works on your cabinets’ construction material.

Please keep in mind that we may receive a small commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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