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How to Remove Side by Side Refrigerator Doors

stainless steel side by side fridge in a modern kitchen

One of the problems with a fridge is that the door handles almost always stick out. The reason for this design is to make it easier for you to grab the handles and open the two doors. Yet, this design makes it tough for some fridge models to make it through tight spots like doorways.

When you are caught in this situation, it is best to remove the doors and make the fridge slimmer and easier to get through those narrow spots. To learn how to fix a sagging refrigerator door, just keep reading our article. It has the instructions you need to know about to do this task right.

There is Some Preparation Work to be Done

When you remove the doors, there are some things you need to do first before you start taking those doors off their hinges. The first step in this process is to remove all the food from inside both the fridge and the freezer.

Place the food in a cooler or two to make sure nothing spoils as you work. The second step of preparation will be to recruit someone to help you. It could be a family member who is big enough or a friend. Your spouse can help you as well.

The doors can be quite heavy so doing it yourself is out of the question.

Removing the Doors

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The instructions for removing the fridge doors vary from model to model. So make sure to check your owner’s manual to see if there are instructions there to help you. Keep in mind that instructions for fridge door removals do vary from model to model and your owner’s manual will help you find the right instructions for the fridge you actually own.

Bottom Freezer Fridge

Gun metal grey Side by side fridge with freezer on the bottom on a white background.

Left Door

Step 1 – Unplug your fridge and move it away from the wall or out of its nook. This will provide you with the safety you need as well as the room you need to work.

Step 2 – Disconnect the water supply from the left door. There is a release ring you need to pull and once that is done the water line should come out quite easily.

Step 3 – Open the left door and remove the top hinge cover after removing the screw holding it in place. Then remove the tube and disconnect the wire harness. Don’t forget to remove the ground screw.

Step 4 – Turn the hinge lever counterclockwise and then lift the top hinge away from the hinge lever latch. Have someone hold the door while you do this step.

Step 5 – Lift the door off the middle hinge pin and remove the door. Place the door out of the way in a safe place where it won’t fall and get damaged.

Right Door

Step 1 – Open the right door and remove the right hinge cover. You will have to remove the screw first holding the cover in place. It lifts off easily enough and should only take a second to do.

Step 2 – Turn the hinge lever clockwise and then lift the top hinge away from the hinge lever latch. Again support the door so that it won’t fall as you work.

Step 3 – Once all this is done, simply reemove the door from the middle hinge and place it next to the left door or in another safe spot.

Side by Side Fridge Freezer

Stainless steel Side by Side Fridge Freezer on white background

Right Door

Step 1 – Unplug the fridge so you can work safely. Place any food inside the fridge in a cooler for protection. Then remove the grill at the bottom of the appliance. Your owner’s manual will have the instructions to do that correctly.

Step 2 – Move the fridge away from the wall and open the right door. use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the hinge cap and then take a flat head screwdriver to pry up the hooks holding the cover in place. Remove the cover.

Step 3 – Disconnect the wire harness and remove the ground screw.

Step 4 – Turn the hinge lever clockwise and pull the hinge away from the latch. Then lift the door up to remove it from the bottom hinge. Place the door in a safe spot.

Left Door

Step 1 – Press the metal collar at the end of the water tube to pull the water line off.

Step 2 – Open the door and remove the hinge cover screw and pry up the hooks using the same flat head screwdriver. Remove the cover.

Step 3 – Disconnect the wire harness and remove the ground screw.

Step 4 – Turn the hinge lever counterclockwise and then lift the top hinge away from the latch.

Step 5 – Pull the door off the lower hinge by lifting up and being careful to remove the water line through the lower hinge.

Some Final Words

As you can see, this task is not that hard as long as you have an extra set of hands to help you. The key is to make sure everything you remove is placed somewhere safe. Also, be mindful of the water lines as they can be damaged fairly easily if mishandled.

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