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How To Remove A Refrigerator Door With Water Line

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All it takes are a few handyman skills and you can avoid the high cost of calling a repairman to fix your fridge door. This task will take some time to do, so make sure you are not going to be disturbed until it is done.

The reasons why you have to do this fix vary and most often, it may be due to the cams on the door that wear out and refuse to close without a protest. To do this fix correctly, just follow the upcoming instructions and you should be fine.

Reasons To Remove The Fridge Door

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The first reason has already been mentioned, you need to replace the cams that help the door function perfectly. Another reason is if the hinges themselves got broken during a move or by sliding it out of the way when cleaning, etc.

Another good reason you need to remove the door is to replace the water line inside. It may have gotten moldy, mildewy or needs a good cleaning and replacing the water line is the best option.

Then once the fridge is delivered to your door, you find that it is too big to make it through the opening. The doors have to come off to get the appliance inside your home.

Steps To Remove The Fridge Door With Water Line

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There are a few steps in completing this task and the first one is to be patient. If your experience at this sort of work, the task should not take that long to get done. 

Step 1: Run a defrost cycle or defrost your freezer before you get started. This will make sure no moisture gets in your way or causes a mess. Make sure to place a towel under the water line just in case of any water is remaining in the tubes

Step 2: When the defrosting is done, unplug the refrigerator so you do not get any surprises while you work.

Step 3: Now push the small blue ring on the left side of the connector (this may not be on all models of fridges) Then unhook the water line from the door hinge and this step will be skipped if you are replacing the fridge door instead.

Step 4: After that, go to the hinge at the top of the door and remove the screw. Then remove the hinge cover to give you access to the hinge and the screw. (Some models may have a wire harness and you will need to pull that apart as well).

Step 5: Remove the two hex head screws using an Allan wrench or socket, etc. Once that is done, open the door slightly and then the door off the bottom hinge. Place the door in a safe spot while you replace it with the new one or go about doing the repair you need to do.

Step 6: If you are fixing the cams unscrew the bottom cam and lift it off the hinge. Then toss it away.

Step 7: Put the new cam on the hinge and replace the screw. You should apply some silicone-like grease to make sure the cam works properly.

Step 8: Put the new door in place or return the old door to its proper place reversing the process that you used to take it off. Reconnect the wire harness and put the cover back on.

Step 9: Reconnect the water line, turn the fridge back on and you are done.

Watch Out For The Law

Gavel sitting in front of a row of law books

When doing simple repairs like the one described above, there are no real laws that will affect the repair work. But there is if you are going to throw the fridge into the landfill or discard it in other ways.

When you are planning to discard the old fridge, you need to be aware that many states have laws regarding that task. The door or doors must be removed before you discard the fridge. If caught not following these laws you risk 6 months in prison and may have to pay a heavy fine.

Also, there are laws governing coolant removal. If you fail to have the coolant removed by a professional you could face legal issues as well.

As you can see the removal of the fridge door, even with a water line, is pretty straight forward and easy to do. You just have to have some confidence in your self and make sure not to drop the door at any time it is off its hinges. Putting the door back on is just as easy and shouldn’t take that long to complete.

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