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How to Adjust Integrated Fridge Door Hinges

Cabinet door open with hinge exposed

Fridge doors can be tricky. These doors look nice but if there is just one thing out of whack, they may not close properly. When that happens, warm air gets in and your food can spoil. The way you know your fridge doors are closing properly is by the tight seal you get when they are closed.

To learn how to fix or adjust fridge doors that aren’t closing very well, just continue to read our article. It gives you the information you need to know in order to protect your food when those doors finally close.

How to Adjust Fridge Doors

This may happen more often with older fridges than on newer ones. The older the fridge gets the more worn the parts become. When that happens, your fridge doors may not open or close very well. That is not a good situation to be in.

There are two solutions to this issue that will rectify the situation and let you have some peace of mind about your food inside.

1. Buying New Parts or Fridge

Under the counter fridge with door open

The first option is the least expensive and will make an older fridge door work like new again. The latter option will cost you a lot of money, but it may delay a lot of other fridge issues from taking place for a few years

Replacement is an option for those people who are not great with tools and adjusting appliance parts. Plus, it is better than paying a repairman top dollar to come in and make the adjustment for you.

Also, it is the easiest and quickest way to fix the problem. Then, you also get a technologically updated fridge that shouldn’t wear out any time soon. It is something to think about.

2. Do the Adjustment Yourself

This is not a hard task to do. Anyone can do it and there really is no need to call a repairman to come in and make the adjustment. The good news here is, this is one time you do not have to empty your fridge, unplug the appliance, or pull it out from the wall.

You can leave the appliance right where it is and still do this chore safely. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Get Your Tools Ready

Black and yellow tool box with tools spilling out on a wooden surface.

All you will need will be a flat head and a Phillips screwdriver. Sometimes you might need a box head or Allen wrench but not always.

Step 2 – Locate the Hinge

This is usually at the top of the fridge and if the door opens left to right, the hinge will be on the top right of the fridge. If the door opens right to left, then the hinge will be on the top at the opposite side of the appliance.

Step 3 – Pull the Cap

To make the fridge look good and to hide the hardware there is a cap covering the hinge. Pry it off with your flat head screwdriver and set the cap in a safe spot.

Step 4 – Loosen the Hinge Screws

small silver screws spilled out onto a white surface

This is going to be the toughest part of this chore as you do not need to take the screws out to make the adjustment. Once the screws are loose, manipulate the fridge door until the top of the door is in line with the top of the fridge.

Step 5 – Tighten the Screws

Once you have the top of the door level with the top of the fridge, tighten the screws back up. If you want to double-check your work, place a level on the door and the fridge to make sure they are level with each other.

If the door isn’t level, loosen the screws again and readjust the door until it is. The level will give you the official result. As you tighten the screws, make sure the door is flush with the fridge. You do not want any loose seals at any point.

One Tip: The top hinge only adjusts the top of the door. There should be a middle hinge that will need to be put through the same process to make sure the door is flush and sealing properly all the way around.

If you want, you can ask another person to help you. More hands make light work, and the extra pair of hands can hold the door in place as you tighten the screws. But this task is easy, and you may not need the help.

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