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How to Change the Color Of a Refrigerator

Partial view of the door of a retro pink fridge against a kitchen counter

Avocado green, this color may work for the Bradys, but it is long out of style and may not look too great in your kitchen. In fact, in later renditions of the show, even the Bradys got rid of the avocado color and upgraded their fridge when they upgraded their kitchen’s look.

You may not be able to afford a new fridge, but you certainly can afford the appliance paint needed to change the ugly fridge color into something more modern and tasteful. To learn how to do this process just continue to read our article. It has the instructions to help you do the job right.

The Prep Work is Always the Hardest

Man moving a white refrigerator

This goes without saying as most of the labor and time-consuming steps are found in prepping than any other aspect of painting. Before we get to the painting steps you need to follow, here are the prep steps that need to be done first.

Step 1 – Moving the Fridge

No, you do not want to paint inside your kitchen. that is just asking for trouble. What you need to do here is empty your fridge and place the contents in the right coolers (one for frozen materials and one for fridge content).

Then unplug the fridge and move it to a level spot outside where nothing will be in danger of getting paint on it. Make sure to move the fridge to a well-ventilated area.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Fridge

If you want the paint to adhere to the surface, then that surface needs to be clean. Any stains left behind are hard to cover with paint alone and if you can’t remove all the stains use some products that are designed to help paint cover those stains.

Step 3 – Cover the Handles

You may not want to take the handles off when you paint so covering them with masking tape is the optimum solution. This is the stage you should either cover grills or remove them or tape any other spot you do not want to have paint on.

Painting Your Fridge

Top view of several open cans of brightly colored paint with a paint brush laying across the top

One of the things you will find when you go looking for appliance paint. The spray versions may not come in a wide variety of colors. You can use brush-on paint or spray paint depending on the color you want on your fridge.

Also, when you use brush-on paint, you really need to be careful and use long brush strokes. That will hide any brush marks. Or you can use a nice roller that puts the paint on evenly for you. These are decisions you need to make prior to prepping your fridge.

Step 1 – Sand the Fridge

Use medium-grit sandpaper to take the gloss off the fridge. The good news is that you do not have to remove all the current paint from the appliance. Just rough it up so the new paint adheres to the surface when you apply the paint.

When you have removed all the glossy finish, wipe the fridge down to remove any dust you created during the sanding time.

Step 2 – The Primer Coat

The primer coat is necessary when you were not able to remove all the stains. But you do not have to do this if the paint you selected is designed to acts both the primer and the topcoat.

This step is important as it helps the topcoat of paint adhere to the fridge and look professional. Just make sure to let the primer coat dry then use some steel wool to smooth out the finish. Again, wash the fridge after doing this step and let dry. Add another coat of primer and let dry.

Step 3 – Paint Your Fridge

Teal, red, and yellow refrigerators standing side by side on a white background

If you have selected the spray version, make sure to hold the can far enough, but not too far away from the fridge. Use a steady hand movement to get an even coat and avoid over-spraying.

Make sure to follow all the instructions on the can and do thin coats to help avoid any running of the paint. Also, make sure to allow each coat to dry before adding the next one.

When you use a roller, or a paintbrush go slow and steady and make sure you apply the paint evenly. A brush will be needed to get the corners and other tight spots the roller can’t reach.

Apply about 3 coats and let each one dry first before adding the next one. Don’t forget to paint the inside frame of the fridge no matter which technique you use and let the paint dry for 24 hours before putting the appliance back in your kitchen.

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