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How To Get Dents Out Of A Stainless Steel Fridge

Stainless steel fridge with a dent in the door in a clean kitchen

If you have a stainless steel refrigerator you are going to want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. There are times when things happen such as moving it in the home where the refrigerator may get a dent. You do not have to worry about the dent ruining your refrigerator. In this article, we have compiled a few methods to get dents out of a stainless steel fridge.

Method 1: Using An Air Compressor

Person holding an air hose coming from a red air compressor

The air compressor is an easy way to remove a dent from the stainless steel refrigerator. The dent can be removed in a simple process.

Step 1: Clean Out The Dent

The area that has become dented needs to be cleaned out. This can be done using a damp rag. Any grease or grime will need to be removed. If it is not cleaned this may not allow the dent to be properly sealed.

Step 2: Apply Heat

Get a hairdryer and set it on the highest setting it has. The dryer should then be pointed at the dent. It should be held there for at least 30 seconds. Warming up the dent will allow the stainless steel to expand making it easier to remove.

Step 3: Use The Air Compressor

Hold the air compressor can upside down and then use this to spray the dent with this compressed air. The nozzle should be around an inch away from the area where the dent is. It is okay if some ice will form over the dent. Be careful where you place your hands. If this ice gets on your hands it will burn and hurt.

Step 4: Allow The Ice To Melt

melting ice cube

Do not try to melt the ice. Allow the ice to be to melt and evaporate on its own. If you remove the ice you can do more damage. 

When the ice is melting the stainless steel will be able to contract. As it contracts it will begin to return to its original shape. There may be a popping sound coming from the dent. This is okay and it is normal. During this time, it should begin to flatten out.

Step 5: Repeat The Process

If the dent is not out, then repeat heating the dented area and then spraying it with compressed air. It should be allowed to dry. It may take a time or two depending on the size of the dent to remove it.

Method 2: Using Dry Ice

Gloved hand holding pellets of dry ice

Dry ice can also be used to remove the dent from the stainless steel refrigerator. Follow the steps to remove the dent with the help of dry ice.

Step 1: Just like in the other method be sure that the dent is clean and remove any great or debris.

Step 2: Heat the dent with a hairdryer. This will allow it to expand.

Step 3: Before touching the dry ice be sure to put on a set of gloves. Put the dry ice in a cloth and cover it to form an ice pack. Put this against the dent and move it around in a circular motion. This should be done for around a minute. There should be a popping sound as the stainless steel goes back into place. The dent will be flattened out.

Repeat the above steps if required.

Method 3: Using Tools

A plunger in a spotlight with a black background

If the heat and the cold are not being effective at removing the dent then you can try suction tools to remove the dent. There are also dent repair kits such as a plunger that can be used to help remove the dent.

  • Once you get the dent remover kit you are going to want to clean the area once again. You may need to apply some heat. The dent removal kit should come with instructions and a cleaning solution.
  • You can also try using a regular suction cup to remove the dent. When using a suction cup make sure it is secure. You should then attack the bar and give it a good pull. This will help pull out the dent and help the refrigerator get its shape back.

If you have a stainless steel refrigerator that has a dent you do not need to throw it out. These methods above can help you remove the dent from the stainless steel refrigerator and make it look as good as new.

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