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How to Remove Dents From a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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Refrigerators that are made of stainless steel tend to develop some dents that mar their otherwise good looks and appearances. If and when these dents arise, there is usually the need to eliminate them for the sake of preserving the aesthetic values of the refrigerators altogether.

To be able to do this, you must definitely know how to get dents out of stainless steel refrigerator. This article has been written with the aim of enlightening you about the issue. To this, we identify four of the best and most trusted strategies and belabor them in their entirety.

How to Get Dents Out Of Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Below are the strategies and the steps to follow to get dents out of your stainless steel refrigerators:

Blow Dryer

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This entails the use of extreme heat to straighten the dent and make the same appear smoother along the way. It is useful in those areas and circumstances when the ambient temperatures are too low. Follow the steps below to bring the strategy to fruition:

  • Clean the dented area thoroughly using a damp piece of cloth.
  • Leave the same to dry completely before proceeding with the next steps.
  • Heat the metal using a blow dryer that is set on high. This will most likely pop the dent out when the metal finally cools.
  • Wipe off the area to restore the clean image.

Hot Glue And Dent Tool Method

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In this method, you simply make use of the dent removal kit that is meant for the cars. It is strongly recommended for those dents that are deeper or beyond the scope of the ordinary tools. This method also delivers long-lasting outcomes than many alternatives that be. These steps will help out:

  • As always clean the dented area and its surroundings using some damp piece of cloth.
  • Smear some hot glue to the head of the dent puller.
  • Attach the dent puller to the refrigerator at the center position.
  • Adjust the suction cups on the handle of the puller to bring them as close to the dents as can be.
  • Slide the hole that occupies the middle portion of the puller handle to create a contraption.
  • Let this contraption stay idle for a while before tightening the central knob.
  • This shall pull out the dent. Repeat the above steps if the first attempt is unsuccessful

Canned Air Duster Method

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The canned air duster mainly comes in if the refrigerator is located far away from the mainstream. It basically involves the use of the canned air duster that is transported to the remote location of use and triggered to give off the air. Following these steps will certainly bring the much-needed ends:

  • Wipe the affected or dented portion of the refrigerator using a damp clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Dry the dented area of the refrigerator thoroughly.
  • Shake the container that has the canned air.
  • Revert it in the upside-down position to release the spray. This will release the chilled carbon dioxide that subsequently works on the affected part of the fridge.
  • You may have to repeat this procedure a couple of times before getting things right.

Plunger Method

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As the name implies, this entails the use of ordinary plungers or rubber suckers to reverse the dents. It is a simple and straightforward approach that just about any do-it-yourselfer may attempt. To implement it, you have to follow the procedures stipulated below:

  • Clean and sanitize your flat-edged rubber sucker if you cannot purchase a new one.
  • Proceed to clean the area you intend to work on using isopropyl alcohol.
  • Spray the affected area using a light layer of water.
  • Attach the rubber edge of the rubber sucker to the surroundings of the dented area.
  • Push hard to create a seal.
  • Pull off the handle of the rubber sucker outwards gently.
  • Repeat the processes till you hear the dent popping out.

Kindly note that the four strategies of how to get dents out of stainless steel refrigerator we have belabored above are not all that may be at your service at the moment. There indeed are many others which we have left out owing to space and time constraints.

Do not feel constrained with the strategies above mentioned. Nonetheless, the strategies above are the best and the most reliable. You want to prioritize them in your search for the best ways forwards with regards to the straightening of the dents of the refrigerator is concerned. Go for them now.

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