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How to Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils

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Our kitchens are the heart of our homes and if you own a Kenmore refrigerator, you will be required to take care of it and especially of its condenser coils. Generally, we all know that refrigerator coils are a significant part of our Kenmore fridge maintenance and cleaning your Kenmore refrigerator coils will be an excellent way to extend your fridge’s life and reduce your power bill.

 A plastic grill decently covers the Kenmore fridge coils if they are located in front of the refrigerator. Without a supportive guide, you might face challenges in cleaning these Kenmore coils. In this article, we have prepared an easy and practical guide to clean your refrigerator coils within a short period.

Steps to Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils

Step 1 – Unplug the Refrigerator at The Wall

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Always remember to turn off your refrigerator when cleaning or repairing them to avoid electrocutions. Turn off the main power switch, followed by pulling out the power cord. Besides, don’t get worried about your food, since this cleaning procedure is quick, inside of the refrigerator will probably maintain its temperature during this cleaning process.

Step 2 – Pull Your Kenmore Refrigerator from the Wall to Access the Fridge Coils Located at The Back

In old Kenmore refrigerators, you will find coils at the back. Push your fridge forward gently for about one meter. The condenser coils are metal tubes made in a U-shaped pattern. One meter distance will give you enough room to clean the coils thoroughly. However, for the refrigerators with no wheels, ask for help from a friend to push them forward.

Step 3: Unclamp the Fridge Bottom Panel if Coils are Not at the Back

Modern Kenmore refrigerators come with their coils hidden below the bottom panel in the front of refrigerators. Thus, unsnap this specific panel to successfully remove it and place it in a safe place while you are cleaning the coils.

However, if you have difficulties removing this bottom panel, attempt to lift it gently and jerk it towards you. It is advisable to consider the owner’s manual for more detailed instructions for removing this toe grill.

Step 4: Remove the Dust Using a Soft-Bristled Brush

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With time the grime gets sucked to our Kenmore refrigerators coils. You might need to purchase a soft-bristled brush when planning to clean your fridge coils. With the help of a soft-bristled brush, clean the dust and dirt off the coils as much as possible. Also, clean the in-between refrigerator coils to eliminate vast clumps of dirt and dust.

You can make use of a flashlight if you trouble to see the fridge coils. Slip the brush between the coil grid spaces. Also, try and twist the brush to reach into corners and in tight spots.

Step 5: Suck Up the Remaining Dirt and Dust Using a Vacuum

Place a narrow nozzle at the end of a vacuum cleaner hose. This will make it easier and effective to suck up the remaining dust between coils. Slowly move your nozzle over these coils to let the vacuum suck up the entire grime. Additionally, you can also take this opportunity and vacuum under your Kenmore refrigerator while it’s now pulled out from its initial position.

Step 6: Reinstall the Toe Grill/Bottom Panel Back to the Refrigerator

Vacuum any errant dirt that may have gotten on your floor. Now put back the fridge toe-grill and push the entire refrigerator back to its specific place. Once your Kenmore refrigerator is back to its original position, plug it back in and turn on the power.

Clean your Kenmore refrigerator coils at least twice a year. This will help in keeping it cooling effectively. However, for some of us who own pets, it is advisable to clean these coils more often since the pet fur may rapidly get caught in them and cause them to operate less efficiently.

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