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How to Change LG Fridge Water Filter

LG Refrigerator with door open and bottles in door

First, the LG refrigerator water filter is an amazing kitchen modern marvel. It is a beneficial appliance that offers us fresh drinking water and clean cubes of ice whenever we need it.

The refrigerator maintenances, such as changing the water filter in the LG fridge, is simple, but it might be overwhelming when we do not have the facts. Besides, if you do not know where this water filter is located or what to do once it gets stuck feels more complicated. Generally, to guarantee clean and fresh water, the experts recommend changing our LG refrigerator water filters after six months.

Continue reading this article for step-by-step instructions to replace LG fridge water filter.

Steps to Change Lg Fridge Water Filter

Step 1: Purchase the New Water Filters That Will Fit Your Fridge Model

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First, look for the model number of your refrigerator inside your appliance. Preferably, you may also find it in the specific user’s manual if you still have it. Once you have gotten the new filter, ensure it will be compatible with the refrigerator you own, or else it might not fit or work.

Besides, someone can either purchase a similar brand filter as your refrigerator or preferably the third-party that suits your model. Refrigerators’ filters will probably cost between 5 and 30 USD dollars. And you will find them in such appliances store or online.

Step 2: Pull or Push The Tab Of The Water Filter Compartment Safely Open It

Essentially, open your refrigerator door and look for a cylindrical compartment inside or on top corners. Further, check for a tab or button on the end of any cylinder near you. You can pull or push the tab and open the compartment, followed by exposing the old filter.

For some of us who own Kenmore refrigerators, their water filters are located at the interior’s top corners. However, whenever you are unsure where your fridge water filter compartment is positioned, consider consulting the refrigerators user manual to direct you on it.

Step 3: Twist the Water Filter Counterclockwise to Pull it Out

At this point, grab the water filter main body and spin it counterclockwise to loosen it fully. Next, rotate your filter via a quarter turn and attentively pull it towards your direction and take it out.

However, for the water filters which does not twist once rotated, try to pull them straight out of that specific compartment. After you have successfully removed the filter, recycle, or throw it away. Remember to place a small face towel below the water filter because it might drip the water when you are in the process of removing it.

Step 4: Take Off the Seal on the End of the New Filter

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Now it’s time you take your new LG refrigerator water filter out of the box, followed by locating the specific cap on one particular end. In this case, pull the cap off from the new water filter; this will expose the port which connects to your refrigerator. Besides, some water filters might come with a piece of foil that covers the end as well. If this is the case, ensure you remove it before placing the filter back in your refrigerator.

Step 5: Screw Your New Filer Clockwise to the Compartment

Now place the filter’s end with the port to the hole inside your filter compartment. Remember to keep the filter horizontal to make it easy when lining up that threading to screw it later in. Next, rotate the filter clockwise via a quarter-turn securing the filter in a specific place.

After the filter is firmly attached, close your compartment and seal it. However, some filters that do not screw in; gently push the pot to the end of the water filter to secure it.

Step 6: Press the “Filter Reset” Button Only When the Light Above is Red Or Yellow

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In many cases, when we are changing the LG refrigerator water filters, the knob close to the water dispenser might have a red or yellow light. Whenever the filter is replaced, hold that specific button for around three seconds so your refrigerator detects this new water filter.

The light should either turn green or blue or preferably go out. However, the buttons might be inside your refrigerator’s door when you cannot find them in the front. Further, if the light will not change colors, try taking out your new water filter and slowly put it again back step by step.

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