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How to Clean Grease from an Air Fryer Basket

Chef pouring French fries from an air fryer basket onto a counter

Air fryers are great inventions. They let you cook small amounts of food using less oil than other cooking methods. This cuts down the number of calories and fat you consume. This will make your meals healthier for you and your family.

While it says air fryer, grease is still involved in the cooking method. That means you will have to deal with cleaning this cooking appliance and removing any grease build-up that takes place.

To learn how to do this just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can do a great job.

How to Clean Grease from an Air Fryer Basket

This is a small appliance so the materials and supplies you will need will not be large in number. It will just take some time to do a thorough job.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Supplies

Cleaning supplies lined up on a blue background.

For this task, you will need vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid with grease-cutting formula, and very hot to boiling water. The water should be enough to fill the basket.

Step 2: Remove the Basket

For easier cleaning take the basket out of the appliance. You do not want any liquids or cleaning solutions to harm the electronics inside the air fryer.

Step 3: Apply the Cleansers

close up of water being run into an air fryer basket

First, you sprinkle the baking soda over the greasy stains. Then you add in the dishwashing liquid. This does not have to go directly onto the baking soda. You can pour it out along the side of the basket, so the liquid runs down the sides.

Step 4: Add the Vinegar

All you will need is about 1/4 cup of this liquid. Add it directly to the baking soda and you will see a chemical reaction between the two. This is normal and you should not be afraid of it.

Step 5: Add the Hot Water

Hot water breaking up grease in an air fryer basket

It really should be boiling hot water and to keep it at maximum heat, have the water boiling as you do the first few steps. Once you have completed those beginning steps, add the water covering the greasy area. Sometimes it may require filling up the basket

Step 6: Let the Mixture Soak

You may not believe this, but you should let this mixture soak for between 4 hours and overnight. This time frame gives the cleaning solution time to loosen up deep down grease stains.

Step 7: Scrubbing Time

When you have given the cleaning solution enough time to work, start scrubbing. If the grease stains are new, it won’t take much work to remove them. But if they have built up over time, you may need to scrub a little harder.

That scrubbing effort will depend on how loose the cleaning solution got the grease stains.

Step 8: Rinse Well

Hand towel drying an air fryer basket

After the grease is gone, pour out the cleaning solution and rinse well. You want to get rid of all the soap, baking soda, and vinegar in the basket. Once the basket has been rinsed, let it dry or you can towel dry it.

How to Keep the Grease Away

These tips should help you minimize the amount of grease that builds up inside your air fryer basket. Some are common sense tips that everyone should know already:

1. Avoid Spraying the Food When it is Inside the Basket – If you want to add oil, spray the food prior to putting the items in the basket but do not spray after you have done that.

2. Clean the Basket After Every Use – Why wait till the grease builds up. Clean the basket after every use wiping away the grease before it sets up.

3. Soak the Basket After Every Use – Along with wiping soaking the basket in some warm to hot water will help get rid of any grease before it becomes a problem. Let it soak for up to 30 minutes or until you are sure the grease is easy enough to wipe away.

There are Air Fryer Ovens

Countertop air fryer oven with the door open

You may have only seen the basket style at your local department store but this appliance does come in an oven format to help you prepare healthier baked meals. Here are some tips to guide your use of this alternative:

1. Normal baking pans may not be useful here. You may need a rotisserie set up and a basket

2. Like normal ovens preheating is essential.

3. The control panel will give you all the cooking information you need once you press the right buttons.

4. The control panel will tell you when to add the food when to turn it over and you can check on your food by using the light button.

5. The alert will tell you when the food is done.

Some Final Words

Round air fryer displayed on a kitchen counter with a plate of food and utensils

Air fryers seem to be a great invention. They help you prepare healthier food with less hassle. Even cleaning is less trouble than traditional cooking methods.

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