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How to Attach String Lights to Siding

Black and white string lights with round blubs against white house siding
Black and white string lights with round blubs against white house siding

It is not hard to make your house sparkle especially in some neighborhoods where all the houses look the same. All it takes is a little ingenuity and not be part of an HOA. Plus, it takes a little creativity, so you do not offend your neighbors and make them your enemy.

The problem you will run into when you attach string lights to your home will be the type of siding you have. There are a large variety of siding materials that make it difficult to attach string lights.

To find out how to do this task without damaging your home, just continue to read our article. It has the instructions you need to do the job right so your neighbors will praise you do not vilify you.

How to Place String Lights on Vinyl Siding

Man with ladder in background with Christmas lights dangling in the foreground

There are several options you can try here. Some of these options will be duplicated with other siding materials.

1. Use Vinyl Hooks

These are specially designed plastic hooks that will hold your string lights without needing nails or glue. The design has a top and bottom part with the top slipping underneath the vinyl siding. The siding will then hold the hook in place.

Once you have placed these hooks where you want them, you just string your lights. make sure the plug is the part that is closest to the outlet.

2. Glue

There are different adhesives that will do the trick but if you do not want a permanent fixture, do not use super glue, or contact cement. A hot glue gun will provide the right type of glue as well as the best security for your string lights.

You may need to put more glue along the strong to make sure the weight of the lights does not bring your creation down.

3. Tape

There is some double-sided tape that will work. The key is to trim the tape to make sure it remains invisible without losing the integrity or strength of the hold. Make sure to find that tape that does not leave a small residue behind.

How to Hang String Lights on Wood Siding

Wood siding house with icicle lights hanging from the roof

This is going to be the easiest siding to attach string lights as you have many more ways to do the job than the other siding materials have. The important thing is not to use nails.

That may be the simplest way, but it also puts unnecessary holes into your siding allowing for all sorts of damage to be done by the elements and insects.

1. Glue

Like nails, this is one of the go-to options as well as one of the easier ones to use. Pick a hot glue that will stick to wood, and you are set. Let the glue gun warm up before applying the glue and then use multiple spots to hold the weight.

2. Staples

Although this option puts holes in your siding as nails do, the holes are very tiny and easier to repair. A little wood putty and you are done. Staples are also easy to apply when you use the right staple gun.

You do not need an air-powered automatic stapler to do the job. A hand-powered model will do just fine. Again, make sure the plug is close to the nearest outlet to save on extension cord issues.

3. Hooks

Metal screw-in types are what you should look for. It takes a little bit to get them started but once they start, they go in fast and hold the wood tight. The holes are sealed until you pull the hooks out and a little wood putty will hide the presence of those holes.

How to Place String Lights on Aluminum Siding

Close up of tan vinyl siding placed vertical and horizontal

The most effective way to attach your string lights to this type of siding would be glue. As long as the hot glue adheres to metal, you should have no trouble attaching your lights. You can even place the glue in hidden sections, so no one knows there is glue holding the lights in place.

You can try the vinyl hooks, but the aluminum siding may not be the right fit for these. avoid using screws and nails as that will damage the siding and cause some issues later on down the road.

Adhesive or suction cup hooks may be a good alternative to vinyl-type ones.

Some Final Words

The key to attaching string lights to siding is to know which type of siding you have. Once you know that, it is easy to figure out the best method to use to attach those lights.

There may be more options you can use. It will depend on how you want your string lights and house to look.

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