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How to Hang String Lights on a Balcony Railing

Edison style string lights on a balcony rail
Edison style string lights on a balcony rail

String lights improve the atmosphere. There are so many options you can use to create that perfect evening or nighttime look on your balcony. It does not have to be the standard boring run-of-the-mill balcony. With a little ingenuity and one of the following ideas, you can transform your balcony into an exotic place to be even if you live in downtown LA.

To learn about those options, just continue to read our article. One of these ideas will inspire your creative nature and help you turn your everyday boring balcony into a special place to sit.

The Many Different Ways to Hang Your String Lights

Balconies provide you with a great creative option. Even if your balcony cannot hold furring strips, you can use the railing to hang those lights and add something unique to your home or apartment.

Any one of these will work for your housing situation, even if you are only a renter. No damage is being done to the balcony railing and you can always remove the lights and holders with a little work.

1. Eye Hooks and Metal Carabiners – This may not be the most attractive option but it is probably the most secure one you can use. The eye hooks go into the wood balcony railing and then the carabiners are attached to the eye hooks.

After those items are in place, just weave or thread the string through the open carabiners before closing them to hold the wire.

2. Glue – Not just any glue as you certainly do not want to use Superglue to do this method. Rather, you should use a hot glue gun and the glue that goes with it. Just add a dab of glue to each spot you want to hold against your railing and you are done.

This is a quick, easy method and it should be easy to remove if you have to relocate.

2 adhesive hooks attached to a piece of wood.

3. Adhesive Hooks – This option should work on both metal and wood railings, although the latter may need special adhesive. All you have to do is buy the right hooks, making sure they are strong enough to hold the weight.

Then buy only the number you need and place them in the spots you want them in. After the adhesive has been set, hang your lights and enjoy.

4. S-hooks – Another simple to install and even easier to remove option. The key is to make sure the S part of the hook is wide enough to fit over the top of your railing. Once in place, just string the lights through the other part of the hook, and you are done.

5. Staples – A good staple gun will be all you need. Just staple the string where you want it and the task is over. Also, these staples are easy to remove and do not leave a big hole unless you go overboard and use really large ones.

Just take your time and place the staples in hidden locations whenever possible.

Creative String Hanging Options

Wood plank balcony with string lights around the top.

The ‘how’ in stringing lights is important but it is also possible to hang your string lights in different locations and in different designs using the same methods above.

1. Ceiling Location – Hooks, staples, glue and eye-hooks, and carabiners will all work for this location. Hanging those string lights up high gets them out of the way while casting better light onto your balcony.

2. Use Your Walls – If you can as some materials may not hold adhesive hooks or glues or even eye hooks, etc. Just place the hooks, etc., in a great pattern or glue the string in those key locations so that the lights form a nice design and bring your balcony a soothing and warm look.

3. Add Color – Those two locations will be enhanced if you add a few colored bulbs to the design. Be festive in your color selection to brighten up any dull balcony.

House plants on a wooden slat table

4. Use Your Plants – If you have a green thumb and have plants on your balcony, use the branches to hang your lights. This will add a great look to both the plants and your balcony. Just do not make the lights too big or too hot.

5. Try the Railings – Those upright supports that often have spaces in between them are perfect for string lights. Plus, the above hanging options will work here.

6. Be Exotic – Add in some bamboo strips and oriental light covers and you have the orient without leaving home.

Hanging string lights on your balcony is not a difficult problem to solve. You just have to pick the right method that fits your situation. Be creative but do not overdo it as you may only be renting, and the landlord may not approve of your efforts.

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