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How to Hang String Lights on Vinyl Fence

White vinyl privacy fence lining a yard next to a sidewalk.
White vinyl privacy fence lining a yard next to a sidewalk.

String lights add atmosphere. These little lights can be festive, happy, sad as well as romantic. Plus, they can reflect the mood of the season. A nice warm spring evening can be lit up in any manner that you choose as you celebrate the end of winter.

Or you can light up a cold winter evening to celebrate the holidays and give people a little hope. No matter how you use your string lights, you need to know how to put them up correctly.

When you have a vinyl fence, the installation is a bit different from other materials. Keep reading to find out how to do this installation right.

The Steps to Add String Lights to Vinyl Fencing

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Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

This will vary depending on the method you will use. For this method, you will need wood stakes, screws, hooks, pencil, tape measure, saw drill or screwdriver, twist or plastic ties, and a hammer.

Step 2: Lay Out the Lights

This step is important as you need to mark where you want the strings to hang. The marks you make will be where you place the supporting wood stakes. Have someone hold one end of the light string up at the height you want the lights to rest.

Next, go down the fence line making your marks picking up the string of lights as you go. Accuracy is fairly important here and you do not want slack in between the lights as you mark.

Step 3: Cut the Wood Stakes to Size

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Measure each stake first to make sure you get the length of the wood stakes all the same. After marking, make your cuts using either a power or hand saw.

Clean off any splinters, etc., and make sure you cut at the bottom of the stakes, so the cut won’t be that visible. Remember you can always cut off the extra length, but you can’t add to a piece that is too short.

Step 4: Add the Hooks

Once the stakes have been cut to size, pick the spots where you want the hooks to go. Your tape measure will help you keep this measurement uniform.

After marking those spots, screw in the hooks and make sure they are tight and secure. Also, make sure the hooks are facing up all the way down the line.

Step 5: Place the Wood Stakes

Now is the time you place the wood stakes at the marks you made earlier. make sure the stakes are even, straight, and in line with the other ones.

You can hammer the stakes a short way into the ground and then hammer the upper part to the fence with nails. But an easier method would be to screw the stakes to your vinyl fence.

Just be careful not to over-tighten or you may lose the secure grip the screws bring to your project. When you are done, make sure the hooks are all at the same height and facing up. Also make sure they are all facing the same direction, pointing out from the stakes.

Step 6: After you have done all of that, make sure to start your string with the plug end closest to the outlet. Then string the lights, securing them in place by wrapping a loop around the hook or use some twist or plastic ties.

Give your work a once-over check to make sure everything is right and in the right spot. When you see it is, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Tip: You may not want to go to all of this work to hang your string lights on a vinyl fence. That is okay as you do have some other alternatives. You can always buy some suction cup hooks and use them instead of screw-in ones and wood stakes.

Two things you should be aware of. One, make sure these hooks can hold the weight with ease. Two, make sure the suction cups will stick to vinyl. If you do not mind having the hooks permanently attached to your vinyl fence, you can use some super glue to hold them in place.

Some Final Words

Brown privacy fence with string lights attached to the top.

Attaching string lights to a vinyl fence is not a major undertaking. It just takes a little time and a little measuring accuracy. In no time your fence should be decorated with the soft glow of the light bulbs you selected for the occasion.

If you want permanent lights, you can always change the light bulbs to have them give off different colors. It is all up to you.

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