Can You Put Oil in a Garbage Disposal

Bottle of vegetable oil layingon its side dripping into the cap

When you think of oil, the first thing that may come to mind is your car’s engine oil or some other mechanical lubricant. Those products are not what is being discussed here. The oil mentioned in the title is simply those cooking oils you use to create your fantastic meals.

Is it safe to put cooking oil, fat, or grease down through your garbage disposal? While some people may say it is okay, the right answer may surprise you. Keep reading to get the answer to that question as well as other important information. It will only take a couple of minutes to see what you can do about oil, etc.

Should You Drain the Grease or Oil into Your Garbage Disposal?

Close up of oil dripping into a sink next to the drain

The people who are against putting cooking oil, fat, and grease into your kitchen drain and through your disposal claim that the grease will solidify and harden somewhere along the line.

This is true if you use cold water to flush the disposal or you just let the greases sit there without flushing it. Plus, the grease and oil, etc., can harden on the blades and create all sorts of problems for the inner workings of your handy kitchen device.

That solid oil can attract other food particles and so on, you will have clogged disposal or drain on your hands. However, if you use hot water to flush the oil, etc., you can keep it in liquid form longer and let it solidify where it will not do any damage.

The choice is going to be up to you as it is your disposal and your drain. If you do use hot water to chase the oil, make sure to leave it on long enough to clear your smaller pipes and it reaches the larger ones in liquid form.

How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Variety of different cooking oils in different types of bottles against a white background.

One way to do this is to have a jar in your kitchen where you can pour hot oil after you are finished with it. If it is clean, you can always reuse the oil and save a little money.

Or you can take that jar when it is full and toss it into your outside trash can. Just make sure the lid is sealed tight, so the odor does not attract the wrong animal element.

Some Final Words

Woman wearing mask and gloves holding a bottle of vegetable oil in front of a store display

Getting rid of oil is up to your judgment. If you think it is not safe to dump hot oil down your drain, then do not do it. The oil will attract other food particles and create a clog that is hard to get rid of.

You do what you think is best for your disposal and drain.

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