Can You Put Bacon Grease in a Garbage Disposal

solid bacon grease in a stoneware pot with a wooden spoon in it

Who needs fat, you do not and neither does your garbage disposal. Like it does to humans, fat can mess up your garbage disposal and drain system without trying that hard. It is best to keep away from grease no matter what food it comes from.

But if the taste of bacon is so tempting that you can’t stay away from eating this greasy food, then you need to know if you can put that grease down into the disposal. To find the answer to that dilemma, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about before you dump that grease in your sink.

Is it Safe to Put Bacon Grease in Your Garbage Disposal?

Dirty, greasy skillet with solidified bacon grease stuck to the bottom

It is best to not pour bacon grease, or any oil down the drain and through your garbage disposal. The problem with grease is that it will eventually cool and solidify. Once it goes through that process, it can stick just about anywhere, including the disposal’s blades.

Solidified grease, no matter the source, is a problem as it will clog up your drain, have other food particles attach to it, and then you have a big mess on your hands. Once you get that clog, you can clear it yourself or call in a plumber and pay them to clear it for you.

How to Properly Dispose of Grease

close up of grease being poured from a  frying pan to a plastic container

Many people say you should chase grease through the disposal with cold water. The cold temperature will solidify the grease making it easier for the blades to chop up. That is not a good idea as the solidified grease is sticky and can create a mess.

The way to dispose of grease through your drain is to chase it with hot water. That hot temperature will keep the grease in a liquid form till it clears your drain system. However, city workers may not like that option as the water will cool eventually and the grease will harden somewhere in the sewer system.

The best way to dispose of grease is to put it in a sealable container and toss it in your trash for weekly pick up.

Some Final Words

hoe steaming bacon on a cutting board with a black wall in the background.

Using the drain and your disposal to get rid of bacon grease is easy and convenient. But if you do not do it correctly, then you will be enabling clogs to get a foothold, not to mention any germs and bacteria, in your drain and disposal.

Dispose of bacon grease through your city garbage collection system and save yourself the trouble.

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